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This Company Wants to Pay You $100,000 to Test Out Luxury Goods Around the World

Can you say dream job?

Job offers $100k to live a luxurious life oneinchpunch/Shutterstock

Talk about a dream job.

The UK-based company Hush Hush—a luxury online marketplace that bills itself as the “Amazon for billionaires”—is offering up what it’s calling “the world’s best job.” And from a look at the job description, they might be right.

For £75K (or, what comes out to about $97,000), you can become the company’s full-time, in-house luxury product tester—which sounds made up but isn’t. That means you’ll jet set around the world testing out items and experiences aimed for the world’s wealthiest people, and all before they hit the market.

Some of the listings currently on the site include a $62 million chateau on the French Riviera, a £44.7 million gem encrusted watch, a whole fleet of world-class yachts, and more private jets than Richard Branson could shake his checkbook at. Should you get hired, you’d be “tasked” with traveling to some fabulous private islands and lounging there—all to report back whether or not these services are up to snuff.

Given that there is no college major in luxury product-testing (that we know of), it’s hard to say exactly what sort of career trajectory prepares a person for this sort of position. We’d guess that a lot of caviar and champagne filled meals and a healthy trust fund certainly wouldn’t hurt your resume, though. So it should come as no surprise that the job description is rather vague. “The successful candidate,” reads the listing on the website, “will be expected to test similar products for their style, comfort, performance and suitability for the site, and produce a thorough report on every item.”

Additionally, “applicants will need to demonstrate a passion for travel, art and fashion, have a keen eye for detail and an appreciation of the ‘finer things in life’.” You can expect to be on the road a lot for this position, because luxury waits for no man.

As they say, nice work if you can get it.




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