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Inside the VIP Dental Spa That Fixes the Smiles of Royalty and Heads of State

There's even a dedicated waiting space for your security detail.

Apa on Sixth, Dr. Michael Apa's elevated tooth studio, even has a dedicated space for your security detail. Apa Aesthetic

One of NYC’s most prestigious and luxurious dentistry clinics just one-upped itself, literally. Apa Aesthetic New York opened its VIP “Apa on Six” office this fall, a single story above its fifth-floor flagship space at 30 East 76th St. in the city’s tony Upper East Side neighborhood.

This 3,000-square-foot VIP space, designed by Kenneth Park Architects, offers concierge service to the studio’s “most discreet smile makeovers,” alongside Apa Aesthetic’s signature luxe amenities. These include Brunello Cucinelli cashmere blankets, Dr. Barbara Sturm skincare, smart TVs, Lord Jones CBD confections, Beats noise-canceling headphones, and Apa’s own Apa Beauty oral care cosmetics. Guests are taken directly to their treatment rooms, and for those who demand complete privacy, a coordinator works with the building concierge to lock and secure the elevator during entrance and departure.

A treatment room and the entryway at Apa on Sixth.
A treatment room and the entryway at Apa on Sixth. Apa Aesthetic

You can contact Apa Aesthetic New York online or over the phone to book either experience. Patients opting for Apa on Sixth are provided a client comfort list to ensure that all needs and expectations are met upon arrival. A luxury conference room is also available to VIP handlers, friends and family while treatments are underway. 

Additional VIP add-ons are also available (as is the case across Apa Aesthetics’ LA and Dubai offices). These include luxury car service pick-up and drop-off, backdoor parking and a special entrance, rush treatment on restorations (also called “fast turnover”, which expedites restoration turnaround from two working weeks to three days). In some cases, as with the various royals who count on Apa’s services, you can even shut down the entire facility to have to yourself. Heads of state have brought in entire personal protection teams, some of which have required as many as three formal walkthroughs ahead of the treatment (at one week, one day, and two hours prior to the leader’s arrival). Another VIP client was in town without a wardrobe for an event, so the office’s dedicated Brunello Cucinelli personal shopper brought a rack of options for their review mid-treatment. Really, the sky’s the limit.

Dr. Apa, seated, reviews a set of veneers with his team.
Dr. Apa, seated, reviews a set of veneers with his team. Apa Aesthetic

As for who is considered a VIP, Apa clarifies: “We don’t decide who’s treated on Six, the patient decides. It’s simply an experience we offer.” That said, Apa on Sixth is also a literal description of the experience, as this VIP space is also dedicated to his personal patients in NYC (booking with him comes at a premium). 

Meanwhile, a team of five world-renowned dentists each works from the newly renovated fifth floor of Apa Aesthetic New York. They include Drs. Andi Jean-Miro, Clement Kairouz, Nicolas Aguilera, Nick Mavrostomos and the clinic’s original founder, Dr. Larry Rosenthal, who is also Apa’s childhood idol, inspiration and mentor. The fifth floor is also where a team of master dental ceramicists carefully craft patients’ individualized and natural veneers and tooth restorations. These decorated craftsmen include Murilo Calgaro, Joao Ricardo Maciel, Juvenal de Souza Neto and the mononymous prodigy Sandro. Speaking firsthand, it’s fascinating watching these guys give care to oral ceramics like they’re Renaissance sculptors. They take immense pride in the craft; furthermore, Calgaro and de Souza Neto are both members of the prestigious Oral Design International Foundation

The comfortable conference room offers a dedicated spot for your family, security team, entourage—or all three.

Sixth floor or not, the entire Apa Aesthetic experience is “VIP” by industry standards—it’s just that Apa on Sixth elevates that service for those who want or require it. The baseline, though, is still luxurious and world-class: “This job is not just about fixing teeth,” Apa says. “It’s about changing the way people see themselves, and creating an important mental shift. We look at every patient with fresh eyes and think about not only what their teeth should look like, but also what those teeth should say about them. We also put a lot of thought into how our space and experience enhance this. Forget the dentistry; that should be a given. To get all the pieces to come together correctly for the patient, everything has to be right.”

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