August Uncommon Tea Premieres 2015 Fall Winter Collection

Los Angeles, CA (September 22, 2015) – Continuing to elevate the gastronomic experience of tea to new heights, August Uncommon Tea announces its Fall Winter Collection, evoking style, romance and warmth in five new teas.

Gina Zupsich, co-founder & culinary development lead, captures a love affair with interiors as the weather cools. Leatherbound, a rich organic black tea made with dark organic cocoa, tastes like buttered pumpernickel, semi-sweet chocolate and Guinness. It feels like spending a morning in a well-worn library armchair surrounded by literary classics. Mood Indigo’s smoky amaro orange hums the low sultry tune of a Harlem speakeasy. Nighthawks, an organic Darjeeling-style pure black tea from Nepal,walks you through Fall with the scent of dry leaves, earth and rose petals under your feet. Veins of Gold invites you to a Christmas market at night with milk chocolate and nutmeg wrapped in golden foil. For a winter getaway, head to the Southern Hemisphere with Tropic of Capricorn, an aromatic green tea with notes of Muscat melons, eucalyptus leaves and fresh-cut pine.

“For this collection, I was inspired by particular moments of awe and heightened senses: flickering candles against cocktails in a shoebox jazz club, the crunch of leaves under street lamps in Chicago’s Ukrainian Village, the glorious solitude of morning at the Long Room at Trinity College Library, golden lights weaving through the Christmas night market in Cologne, the first glance at the jewel tones of Brazil’s Península de Maraú,” Gina Zupsich, co-founder, August Uncommon Tea.

August Uncommon Teas are presented in five categories; Raw Power (Black teas with intense, gripping flavor), Gourmand (Rich gastronomic black teas), Designer Green (Unconventional green tea blends), Rare & Pure (Exceptional teas, unadorned and unaltered), and Tisane (Lush herbal infusions free of caffeine). These categories are flavor-centric as opposed to the standard tea industry categories (black, green, oolong).

In their ongoing aim to reinvent tea, co-founders Gina and Aaron explore tea beyond its ordinary form, in cocktails and chilled tea. This summer, August Uncommon perfected chilled tea brewing, which they share in a simple DIY guide. They also released 5 original tea cocktail recipes via social media and will continue to release tea cocktails featuring their Fall / Winter blends. The Los Angeles drink scene has been quick to embrace tea cocktails. Both Picca and The Walker Inn made cocktail magic with August Uncommon Tea in their spring and summer cocktails.

August Uncommon Tea’s Fall Winter 2015 Starter Kits include a 14g sampler of all 5 teas (4 cups each) and infuser in a newly designed box $39, perfect for holiday gifts.  The Magnums, a custom-made black glass apothecary bottle, 8” high, 4.5” diameter, molded in the Netherlands and etched in Los Angeles will also be available in any Fall/Winter collection tea. The special luxe violet-black glass protects 300 grams (85 cups) of tea from light and oxygen. These gorgeous keepsakes start at $119.

“The new starter kit we’re launching this season is a departure from the way tea is usually presented. We’re drawing from the design language of luxury goods like perfume and jewelry packaging. August’s little black box is an elegant introduction to our modern take on tea. It features mini bags of the 5 new blends, a redesigned infuser, and instructions for using tea in cocktails,” Aaron Shinn, co-founder, August Uncommon Tea.

August Uncommon Tea is being served and sold at fine boutiques and restaurants in the United States and Canada including Litchfield in Vancouver, Kuhl-Linscomb in Houston, and in Los Angeles at Hermanos Coffee, The Assembly, GARDE, Please Do Not Enter, Hammer and Spear, and BeautyHabit.com. The company also participates in local pop ups and special events with their mobile tea bar.

To shop and learn more about August Uncommon Tea, go to www.august.la.

About August Uncommon Tea

August Uncommon Tea is elevating tea in the United States to a modern gastronomic experience. The company’s mission is to create the next generation of tea drinkers while delighting tea enthusiasts. Inspired by culinary movements that continue to raise standards in wine, beer, spirits, coffee and even juice, co-founders Aaron Shinn and Gina Zupsich, offer an integrated system of proprietary tea blends and a precision single-cup brewing method. August Uncommon Tea is a third wave tea company defined by process. From teapot to tea bag and now to August Uncommon’s one-cup brewing, the company vision is setting a new standard in tea. www.august.la

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