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A ‘Billions’ Star Just Accidentally Revealed That Season 7 Will Be the Show’s Last

Dan Soder just spilled some pretty big news.

Paul Giamatti in 'Billions' Christopher Saunders / ©Showtime

Billions fans were finally getting used to a run of good news and we should have known it was too good to last. Amid the news that season 7 was officially underway, and that Damian Lewis was returning as Bobby Axelrod, the Billions fandom has flown too close to the sun and is facing a swift comedown courtesy of star Dan Soder’s unexpected remarks on TV last night. Soder, who plays Mafee on the Showtime drama, unceremoniously revealed that Billions is ending with upcoming season 7, and for any dual Billions and Succession fans out there, this may be too much to bear.

Soder was appearing on NBC Sports Chicago’s Football Night in Chicago when he dropped the Billions bomb—and given how he quickly tried to walk back his words, we’re wondering whether he’s having a stern chat with the network this morning.

 “Season seven, the final season of Billions, on its way,” Soder said to Mike Berman on the NBC show—then followed up a moment later.

BILLIONS, l-r: Dan Soder, Asia Kate Dillon in 'With or Without You' (Season 2, Episode 10, aired April 23, 2017). ph: Jeff Neumann/©Showtime/courtesy Everett Collection
Dan Soder, Asia Kate Dillon in Billions Jeff Neumann/©Showtime

“You know… am I not supposed to say that? I don’t know if I’m supposed to say that. I think so. It’s fine,” he said.

“It doesn’t matter. You just said it,” Berman pointed out.

So, Soder doubled down: “It’s the final season.”

And there it is!

Showtime has yet to comment on Soder’s announcement, but they did recently reveal to the Wall Street Journal that they’re working on a handful of Billions spinoffs, so perhaps they felt this news wouldn’t be entirely unexpected. The report claims they’re planning up to four potential spinoffs: one that tracks the Miami cryptocurrency scene, one called Millions about young and ambitious finance workers, and one called Trillions, a “soapier” drama about the ultra, ultra-rich.

Whether or not Soder was meant to spill the beans, the news is out now—so hold each episode of upcoming season 7 close, as it will be your last new Billions offering from the original show.

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