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This High-Tech Dog Door Comes With a Special Collar That Lets Your Pup Come and Go

Better security and more control than the models of yesteryear.

myQ Pet Portal Chamberlain

The doggy door just got a high-tech upgrade.

Chamberlain has spent decades refining its garage door designs, so it’s fitting the company is now applying that same know-how to openings of a decidedly smaller scale. The result is the myQ Pet Portal, a dog (or cat) door that makes the traditional flap-on-a-hinge design seem instantly outdated. This new variety is integrated with smart technology, so it can put owners at ease when they’re not at home and make getting in and out of the house easier for pets ranging in size from 10 lbs to 90 lbs. What’s more, you can monitor all of your four-legged friends’ comings and goings with your smartphone.

Here’s how the door works: At dog height, there’s a hidden panel with an elevator-style opening mechanism that is so seamless passersby are unlikely to notice it’s there at all.  The door itself features an auto-close and lock system whenever your pet crosses the threshold, so there’s no need to fear that an adventurous squirrel will sneak in behind them. Plus, their collar signals to the door itself allowing for entry and exit, meaning it won’t just open automatically should a curious cat happen to walk past.

myQ Pet Portal

The myQ Pet Portal comes with a fully integrated app with video and audio capabilities.  Chamberlain

A two-way camera also allows you to have a live viewing experience of their comings and goings, while audio capabilities mean you can send verbal commands. And nearly every kind of preference can be tweaked within the coordinating app. You can set controls for how your pet comes and goes, and then get daily reports so you know exactly what they’ve been up to all day.

The professionally installed myQ Pet Portal is now available for pre-order on the brand’s website starting at $2,999 with a $100 deposit.

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