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Thor Core? Chris Hemsworth Just Shared His Ab Workout on Instagram

Can you keep up with the routine?

Chris Hemsworth Brendon Thorne/Getty Images for AFI

If there’s one thing we’d trust Chris Hemsworth with, it’s advice on how to get six-pack abs. I mean, have you seen Thor?! The man is a walking advertisement for the benefits of regular strength training, and he’s willing to spread the wealth to those looking to follow in his superhero-chiseled shoes. In a new Instagram post shared this week, the actor walked followers through one of his regular core workouts, and you’ll want to take notes.

Hemsworth shared a series of photos alongside the workout details, with a photo of him completing each exercise he describes and an opening pic that shows him looking like the world’s most qualified personal trainer.

“Get up. Get outside. Take in the fresh air and get some work in,” Hemsworth advised his fans, before diving into the details of the ab workout he’s performing over the next few slides.

The workout consists of four working sets of four moves completed in a row, each for 20 reps. Hemsworth starts off with cross-body mountain climbers, then completes 20 kick sits, then bicycle sit-ups, and finishes with 20 reps of flutter kicks—all before resting for 20 seconds and diving back in for set number two.

In case you’re not convinced that Hemsworth has what it takes to give you workout advice, I’d like to point you in the direction of a recent shirtless gym photo from this past July where the Thor star is showing off an upper body physique that can only be described as yoked.

As a celebrity, Hemsworth obviously also has access to his own trainers, personal chefs, and elite treatments for both aesthetic enhancement and improved recovery—but it’s impossible to build this kind of muscle and definition without putting in serious work, too, so we’ll take his training tips any time.

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