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Give Like You Mean It: Inside Robb Report’s December 2022 Ultimate Gift Guide Issue

For this year's Giving Issue, we offer 33 unique gifts, focus on philanthropy and explore the rise of the ultra VIP.

Robb Report December 2022 Issue Joshua Scott/Telegramme

Welcome to one of our biggest editions of the year, the Giving Issue. The holidays are almost upon us, and I’m sure you’ve started thinking about what to get your loved ones this season. For this year’s Ultimate Gift Guide, we’ve designed 30 treats and experiences that you simply will not find anywhere else. 

We spent the past several months in secretive conversations with many of our favorite brands and makers, assembling packages and itineraries, discussing vintages and carats and selecting rare treasures.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve heard the team say to the various companies we’ve been working with, “That sounds wonderful. But what else?” as we push them to greater heights (in some cases, literally—there are some pretty high-flying items available this year) in order to bring you something truly memorable. I’m confident it’s the most surprising and spectacular list of presents you’ll find in the world. 

Need proof? We have a slot at the 2023 Mille Miglia as a guest of Mercedes, driving a 1950s-era 300 SL “Gullwing” coupe—plus a similar vehicle to take home with you… and there’s a 2023 Mercedes-AMG SL 63 to make a set, too. We have a Rolex Daytona 6239 with nonluminous dial and hands, a potentially unique piece from 1966. Or you might want a trip to France and access to money-can’t-buy shows at Paris Fashion Week followed by private appointments with designers. And then there’s the extraordinary yacht charter in the Bahamas with your own submersible so you can explore ocean life like never before. 

As is now customary, the second component of our Giving Issue focuses on philanthropy. If you’ll forgive the phrase, climate change has become even more of a hot topic over the past 12 months, as disaster followed disaster, impacting populations around the world. In “Saving for the Future,” writer Alyson Krueger speaks to the new organizations that have been established to enable significant donors to tackle the crisis head on and discovers what it will take to win the battle to save our planet. 

While attending a number of concours back in the UK over the summer, I was struck by the realization that some of the most beautiful vintage cars on display were electric restomods—that is, classic cars that had been fully restored and converted to run on electric drivetrains. They pose a number of fascinating questions: Does a classic car lose its soul when it loses its engine? Is this desecration or evolution? And how come so many of the shops that do this work best are based in England? 

To find out, Ben Oliver got behind the wheel of a modified 911 to experience the silent, violent thrill of electric acceleration in vintage surroundings. He answers all those questions, and more, on page 188. 

Now, before I go, let’s talk about you. Robb Report undoubtedly has one of the most rarefied audiences around. Successful, smart, most likely well dressed and handsome, too. But, as the biggest luxury houses compete for the time of their most important clients—offering a lucky few ever more unlikely and outlandish adventures where they can experience the latest jewels, cars, wine or watches—do you ever wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat, wondering just how VIP you really are? Luckily, we have a quiz that will tell you, alongside a fascinating exploration of the rise of the ultra VIP and the extreme lengths that brands will go to to secure their loyalty. And dollars. “We’re in the business of emotion,” says one of the CEOs we spoke to. 

Enjoy the issue, and I wish you all happy holidays and a wonderful, healthy and joyous New Year. 

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