The Evolution of a Fine Jewelry Brand

The journey from independent fine jewelry line to global luxury brand can start at many roads. Roberto Coin’s path began in Vicenza in 1977, when he created an eponymous jewelry collection to service other internationally acclaimed labels. An Italian artisan in every sense of the word, Mr. Coin devoted his life to a passion for innovative design, where he experimented with light, texture, color and pattern. However his true calling was realized in 1996, when he branched out to create stunning pieces under his own Roberto Coin name, which has since evolved into the brand we know and love today. To be sure, the Roberto Coin name has risen steadily to the upper echelon of the fine jewelry world, decorating the most glamorous women with signature and new collections that can be discovered through a growing global retail network.

Indeed over the last 10 years, Roberto Coin has transitioned into a power player in the fine jewelry space. With careful, steady growth the brand underwent major retail initiatives in 2007 when it opened its first store in Dubai. That same year, Roberto Coin debuted additional locations in Rome, Macau and Baku. It was the brand’s drive to stand out, to produce innovative pieces every year that catapulted the name into the top tier of the fine jewelry world. Currently Roberto Coin operates 16 premier destinations throughout the world and can be found in over 1,000 stores worldwide in over 60 countries. From the classic Appassionata Collection, which features antique-inspired interlocking ribbed gold links to newer collections, like the seductive and sophisticated Black Jade, the brand continues to evolve from both a retail and product perspective. For Roberto Coin, his path has quite literally been paved in gold, and it continues onward.

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