From Michelin-Star Chefs to Fashion Titans: 16 LGBTQ+ Visionaries in Luxury You Should Know

Pride Month may be at its close, but the influential LGBTQ+ leaders in luxury have an impact that's felt year-round.

LGBTQ+ leaders in luxury Law Roach/AP Images/Mikel Welch

Last year, Simon Doonan, the author and former creative director of Barneys New York, argued in our digital pages that queer people have an inextricable link to the luxury world. And while Pride Month may be at its close, the influential LGBTQ+ leaders in the high-end food, fashion, design and retail industries have an impact that’s felt no matter what time of year it is. The luxurious products we all enjoy, from fine dining to menswear and even safaris, simply wouldn’t be the same—or even possible—without the tireless effort and passionate creativity of these trailblazing individuals. Below, we’re paying tribute to the work of a small handful of these creators and executives, from Michelin-star chef Dominique Creen and stylist Law Roach to menswear impresario Mats Klingberg and jewelry designer Emmanuel Tarpin and more.

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