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HBO Put ‘F**k Off’ T-Shirts in Its ‘Succession’ Season 4 Gift Box, and Now Everyone Wants One

HBO went all out with swag bags for the series' final season.

Brian Cox, Matthew Macfadyen in 'Succession' Peter Kramer/HBO

Succession celebrated the premiere of its fourth and final season in N.Y.C. last night, and HBO has been hard at work ensuring that the word is out for everyone to tune in on Sunday, March 26, at 9 p.m. on HBO Max. That has included sending out gift bags to influencers and press that include some very on-brand merchandise from the world of the show—for example, a sweatshirt with “Fuck Off” printed on it, and some merchandise from Waystar Royco subsidiary ATN News.

Recipients of these Succession gift bags gleefully posted about the contents on social media, where they inspired serious envy and mounting excitement for the final season premiering this week. Photos of the gift boxes show a message from HBO reading: “The Final ‘Fuck Off.’ A parting gift for you. For the last season premiere.” Inside the boxes are a light gray, crew neck sweatshirt with “Fuck Off” printed in white, all-caps lettering, an ATN News tumbler, and a dark blue Waystar Royco banker bag.

Twitter replies and quote tweets of these gift box photos are largely desperate to get their hands on this merch—none of which, notably, is currently available on HBO’s official Succession merchandise page. PIN founder and CEO Steph Mui tweeted directly at the show’s page with a specific ask: “if I start a coup to overthrow the ceo of my company and tell her to fuck off, will you please send me this sweatshirt[?]”

“Fuck off” has become such a popular catchphrase of Logan Roy’s that actor Brian Cox says “people ask me to tell them to fuck off all the time,” per the Daily Beast. Cox shared this tidbit at The Hollywood Reporter’s Drama Actor Emmy Roundtable in 2022, describing how he was asked to say “fuck off” to a group of women while he was attending a #MeToo event.

“I was like, ‘This is a #MeToo meeting, is this really proper to be asking me to tell you to fuck off?'” Cox said. He also noted that it’s a common request for his Cameo videos, the celebrity video service through which you can request a personalized message from Cox for $689.

To hear a final round of Logan Roy telling everyone around him to “fuck off,” head to HBO Max on Sunday night at 9 p.m. for the season 4 premiere. And if anyone from HBO wants to send me some “fuck off” merchandise for sharing this very important news, I’m not above joining the masses clamoring for a crew neck of my own.

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