This Father’s Day Gift Box Comes With a Breitling and 10 Hours of Private Jet Time

For $110,000, you can give your dad a Father's Day gift box unlike any other.

The Bombardier Challenger 300 Todd Williamson/Invision/AP/REX

Finding your dad a great Father’s Day gift can be one of the most challenging shopping experiences you face all year. But this year, the people at Magellan Jets have put together a gift box that checks all the boxes for the discerning dad—unless he doesn’t like a fine whiskey, Swiss watches, or time spent in a private plane.

The company’s $110,000 Father’s Day gift box, named The Ultimate Gift for the Ultimate Dad, includes a Breitling Aviator 8 Chronograph watch, a bottle of Macallan 25, a pair of Master & Dynamic’s new noise-canceling headphones—and, crucially, one of Magellan’s 10-hour Challenger 300 cards.

Magellan Jets's Father's Day gift box includes a watch from Breitling, a bottle of Macallan 25, and a pair of Master & Dynamic's new noise-cancelling headphones.

The card gives your dad, uncle, grandfather or anyone you present it to 10 hours of flight time on one of Magellan’s Bombardier Challenger 300 planes—and you can book a domestic flight from anywhere in the United States on eight hours of notice. The 3,100-mile range jets can seat up to nine people, and with 12 windows in the cabin, they’re notably sunny. All of the seats are fully adjustable, and the jets feature plenty of space for dining and working.

This gift box isn’t the first time Magellan Jets has packaged plane time with other luxuries. In 2014, the company offered a 10-hour card that helped prospective university students (and their parents) visit different colleges to weigh their higher education options. Each trip was planned by a Magellan concierge to maximize time on the ground—and the cabins came packed with gear from each of the schools on the itinerary. Last year, Magellan teamed up with Homebase Abroad and Worth Avenue Yachts to offer a four-week tour of Italy, complete with stays on the Amalfi Coast, Lake Como and a week on a private yacht—all for up to eight people.

Each Magellan offering is highly personalized—the more you tell them about your travel plans, the better they can help devise a flight—which is why this box in not offered online. To purchase a box, which includes a card whose hours can be used until Father’s Day 2020, call Magellan Jets at 617-328-5387.

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