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Capital City: Washington, DC Is More Luxury-Obsessed Than Any State in America, a New Study Says

The East Coast is home to nine out of the top 10 luxury-obsessed locales, and the country's capitol is at the top.

Beata Zawrzel/Getty Images

Got super-prime real estate or designer labels on the brain? A new study confirms what we’ve all been thinking, or rather, what we’ve been thinking about

Thanks to data that takes stock of the most luxury-obsessed areas in the US, we now know which places have a penchant for the finer things in life. According to the findings, which were collected by jewelry company Glamira, Americans on the East Coast are Googling things like “luxury hotels” and “luxury cars” more than in other parts of the country. Surprisingly, only one West Coast state was able to crack the top 10. Can you guess which? Look at you, California.

most luxury obsessed states
A new study revealed that Washington, DC is the most luxury-obsessed region in the US, with New York and Florida following close behind Jeffrey Greenberg/Universal Images Group/Getty Images

The report, which is based on Google Trend insights, compiled nine search terms ranging from “luxury jewelry” to “luxury goods” and rated their level of interest out of 100 for each region. The points were then added up and given an average to determine the order. As far as the official rankings go, Washington, DC landed in first place with a score of 78.71. More specifically, Washingtonians were hunting for luxury apartments, hotels, brands and vacations the most. New York (75.56) and Florida (60.89) came in second and third, respectively. Though, Floridians in particular are in the market for luxury property. Not exactly shocking. 

luxury obsessed states
California was the only West Coast location to make the list of luxury-obsessed areas across the country AaronP/Bauer-Griffin/GC Image

New Jersey (60.22) and Connecticut (59.11) follow suit in the fourth and fifth spots, while Georgia and Virginia tied for sixth with a total of 57.78. Those who live in The Peach State seem to have a keen interest in luxury vehicles, which makes sense considering they had above-average luxury car sales last year. As for The Golden State, it claims seventh place with a score of 57.33 and is the only region on the list located on Western soil. Maryland (56.11) and Massachusetts (54.89) landed lowest amongst those interested in the upper-crust lifestyle.  

You can check out the full ranking below:

    Average luxury score  
    Washington, DC   78.71  
    New York   75.56  
    Florida   60.89  
    New Jersey   60.22  
    Connecticut   59.11  
    Georgia   57.78  
    Virginia   57.78  
    California   57.33  
    Maryland   56.11  
    Massachusetts   54.89  

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