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You Can Now Buy Your Own Private Island Online, Because of Course

One could all be yours thanks to global marketplace Private Islands, Inc.

Randyai Island in Thailand Courtesy of Private Islands, Inc.

Last month, we wrote about a company called Hush Hush that’s aiming to sell private jets, multi-million dollar homes, supercars, and more via an online sales platform—a self-proclaimed “Amazon for billionaires.” Now you can also shop online for your own private island.

How about a $160 million plot of 110 acres on Rangyai Island in Thailand? Or a $60 million island in the hear of The Exumas in the Bahamas with 35 dock slips and a 2,800-square-foot private airstrip? Or a $55.7 million slice of heaven east of Tahiti with an internal lagoon? They could all be yours thanks to Private Islands, Inc.—a global online marketplace for private island sales (which also happens to be the company behind HGTV’s “Island Hunters”).

When you peruse the offerings, you will be just about ready to pack your bags and empty your bank account. But before you get carried away, you might want to ask yourself a few questions, like “How will I get there?”, “Who will take care of it?”, and “Is there electricity?” Some of the islands, like a $3.2 million island a few miles from Lake Huron in Michigan, already come with fully appointed accommodations. The Lake Huron isle boasts an historic wooden lodge and seven bedrooms. Pumpkin Key, a $95 million island in Card Sound Bay in the Florida Keys near Key Largo comes fully equipped with a three-bedroom home, two caretaker’s cottages, a dock master’s apartment, a 20-slip marina able to accommodate a superyacht, tennis courts that pull double duty as a helipad, and golf cart paths. Needless to say, no matter how fully stocked these islands come you will easily be shelling out an annual fortune to maintain them.

Of course, for the more rugged among us, there are also ultra-remote islands with un-manicured territory. The Nengo Nengo Atoll in French Polynesia, for example, shows mostly unclaimed territory save for some rustic shacks and docks. The island is a two-hour flight from Tahiti by private plane, and it’s only source of sustenance is a visit from a monthly cargo ship that services the island with supplies. Meanwhile, Igoigori Island in Papua New Guinea is entirely undeveloped and its owner is looking for a business partner to invest in building an eco-friendly resort on the island.

But before you get too carried away dreaming about your exclusive exotic escape, don’t forget that cultivating your own personal heaven on a remote island is a logistical nightmare (food, staff, transportation, maintenance, basic infrastructure…the list goes on). Or did you not see the Fyre Festival documentaries?

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