Robb Report 20th Annual Ultimate Gift Guide: Complete Listing of 21 Exclusive Gifts

Twenty-One Extraordinary Gifts Valued at More Than $150 Million

Gifts listed in order of appearance

1. Olympics vacation $1,500,000

Two-week trip for 10 includes private jet service

to Athens and lodging aboard chartered mega yacht.

Pages 94-95

2. Home Theater $1,022,141

Replication of 15 x 23-foot Las Vegas

Theater that boasts Egyptian motif.

Pages 96-97

3. Stradivari violin and bow $3,985,000


Crafted in 1719

Pages 98-99

4. Graycliff Cigar Company $448,750

Private label cigars and Bahamas vacation

Pages 100-102

5. Ferretti Magnifica III Megayacht $22,700,000

150-foot vessel which can carry 10 passengers

Pages 106-108

6. Four Seasons vacation $5,479,000

Homes at each of four new resorts in

Miami (winter) Bahamas (fall) Costa Rica (spring)

And Jackson Hole (summer, or winter for skiers)

Pages 112-116

7. Cima del Mundo estate $40,000,000

22,000 square-foot Spanish hacienda in

Montecito, California

Pages 120-123

8. Porsche Experience $490,000

Includes Carrera GT and on-track instruction from

racing legend Hurley Haywood.

Pages 126-128

9. Race timepiece $408,000

Vacheron Constantin Malte Tourbillon Skeleton

Which took eight months to complete

Pages 130-131

10. Deep flight aviator $1,700,000

22-foot vessel that can dive to 1,500 feet

Pages 132-134

11. Macallan whisky vacation $196,500

Includes trips to Jerez, Scotland, Nairn

Pages 138-140

12. Saville Row wardrobe $250,000

Custom tailors from London’s finest clothiers create

Consummate wardrobe

Pages 142-143

13. Personal golf tournament $500,000

CordeValle (San Martin, CA) hosts event for 40 couples.

Winners receive customized Maserati Spyder

Pages 146-148

14. Nauhaus chocolate vacation $1,000,000

Includes private jet transportation to Belgium,

Tours of museums, and creation of four custom chocolates

Pages 150-152

15. Jaeger-LeCoultre timepiece $1,613,150

75th anniversary commemorative Atmos Mysterieuse.

Pages 154-156

16. Spruce Creek Fly-In $45,666,774

15,000 square-foot home and hangar filled with

five planes and helicopter

Pages 158-160

17. Ducati European motorcycle tour $304,000

Includes visit to Ducati factory, new motorcycles, VIP access

to Mugello Grand Prix and 11-day ride.

Pages 162-164

18. Cartier Desk Set $955,500

10 craftspeople labored for three years on 11-piece

set which includes gold, coral, mother-of-pearl and

more than 30 carats of diamonds.

Pages 166-168

19. Naples Winter Wine Festival $4,800,000

Private jet service to and VIP status at festival.

Pages 170-172

20. Wright Bros. memorabilia $350,000

Includes rare letters from Orville and Wilbur Wright,

Photography and manuscript written by W. Wright.

Pages 174-176

21. 452-carat diamond suite $15,000,000

Includes necklace, broach, bracelet and ear pendants

Pages 178-180

(Total Value Approximately $150 million)


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