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Robb Report Launches Toddler Tycoon, a New Publication for Baby Billionaires

The focus will be on junior jet-setters with access to income as disposable as their diapers…

New York, NY (April 1)Robb Report, the world’s definitive guide to luxury, has announced the launch of Toddler Tycoon, a new publication focused on the topics and trends important to the growing demographic of baby billionaires. A first for the industry, the quarterly magazine will seek to nurture an appreciation for the connoisseur lifestyle during early childhood development.

“Our mission is to satisfy the needs of an important population that has, until now, been marginalized by the marketplace and media,” says editor-in-chief Irving Price. “Kids with an estimated wealth greater than most state budgets deserve a distinct forum, and Toddler Tycoon will be their trusted conduit to consumerism.”

Following the format of its parent publication, Toddler Tycoon will feature regular department and feature stories on luxury products, fashion, travel, transportation, and collectibles, but tailored to a tinier clientele. Editorial content planned for the first issue includes:

Crib Couture: From Vera Wang onesies to Dior diapers, these bedtime togs are what dreams are made of.

Hot Wheels: A buyer’s guide to the top carbon-fiber tricycles with electric shifting.

First-Class Forts: The latest backyard hideaways from Infantile Creations showcase projection-screen entertainment systems, infinity kiddie pools, go-kart racetracks, and automated gourmet snack dispensaries—and that is just the tree house.

Bottle Service: Master juice sommelier John Capone shares tips on what to pair with Michelin-starred fare.

Sweet Retreat: These destination sugar rehabs make detox delicious.

Better with Bling: Make a splash with this summer’s hottest life-saving accessory—gold-plated water wings.

“With age-group icons such as True North and Blue Ivy already setting trends, other movers and shakers of the sandbox set are discovering their own brand identification,” says consulting child psychologist Dr. Herman Fisher. “Placing a dollar value on validation can be a healthy substitute for excessive parental attention.”

Toddler Tycoon will be available on the newsstand and by subscription in June. For a limited time, a complimentary preview issue will be sent upon newsletter sign-up through April. (robbreport.com)

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