The Signature Statements of Roberto Coin

A signature can be a defined as a “form of identification” or a “unique distinguishing aspect, feature or mark.” In fine jewelry a signature piece is one that needs neither label nor title, one that is indicative of a brand’s craft or its most embodying element.

At Roberto Coin, its signature collection, Appassionata celebrates its 25th anniversary next year and has come to define the sensibility and style of the storied Italian luxury brand. Pieces in the Appassionata collection have the appearance of antique golden fabric and features a flexible gold mesh that took over two years of research to create. It was a labor of love symbolized in the naming of the collection, which references the richness and love that founder Roberto Coin dedicated to these pieces. Appassionata creations are the first of a long list of technical and creative inventions that serve as the central point of the brand. It was also the first collection to be signed with the set ruby, an exclusive detail that represents the Roberto Coin name. Standout items in the Appassionata collection range from an 18-karat rose gold bracelet adorned with diamonds and rubies, to white gold earrings with diamonds, to a yellow and white gold ring with diamonds – all featuring the signature gold mesh design.

But as the Roberto Coin brand grows, so does its signature elements. New trademark collections include Pois Moi, an elegant assortment of jewelry featured in yellow, white and rose gold as well as a haute couture extension in exclusive diamond pavé settings. The modern pattern is reproduced in a retro-inspire design modeled after the “television shape” trend of the 1950’s – an innovative juxtaposition of contemporary and vintage styles. Pois Moi is refined, avant-garde and eternal in spirit. Significant pieces in this collection feature pendants, bracelets, earrings and rings in 18-karat yellow and white gold with diamonds – all evoking the aesthetic of the Roberto Coin brand, as signature pieces always do.

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