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Connor Roy Wore a Surprisingly Modest Hugo Boss Tuxedo Jacket for His ‘Succession’ Wedding

The Conheads will love this.

Justine Lupe, Alan Ruck in 'Succession' David Russsell/HBO

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Warning: This article contains spoilers for Season 4, Episode 3 of Succession.

As far as wedding episodes go, the third installment of Succession‘s fourth and final season was about as light on actual wedding content as it gets. Perhaps not since Game of Thrones‘s infamous Red Wedding has a wedding been so little about the wedding itself. Nonetheless, amidst everything else going on around him, Connor Roy (Alan Ruck) got married to Willa Ferreyra (Justine Lupe) on Sunday’s episode of Succession, and his choice of attire for the big day may have been another signal to Connor’s current ambitions.

For the nuptials, Connor sported a black-velvet slim-fit Hugo Boss tuxedo jacket that clocks in at $645. It’s a classic wedding look, topped off with silk-blend accents, closed with a single button, and worn over a white shirt and black tie. There no major style risks taken by either him or Willa, who’s wearing Essense of Australia’s $1,800 modern sheath wedding dress, a lacy, sleeveless white gown with a modest train and sheer halter neck. What is surprising about both of their outfits is that they’re rather conservatively priced given the general wealth of the Roy family, though this could be chalked up to Connor’s ongoing presidential run and his desire to appear more like “the common man”—lest he lose that hard-earned one percent of the vote currently slated to go his way.

Alan Ruck, Justine Lupe in Season 4, Episode 3 of 'Succession'

Alan Ruck and Justine Lupe in Season 4, Episode 3 of ‘Succession’

Macall B. Polay/HBO

While Connor’s presidential ambitions seem, at this point in the season, to be as woefully misguided and delusional as they’ve ever been, a peek at the midseason trailer suggests that the “Conheads” (Connor’s nickname for his supporters) could be a growing faction as the election approaches. The video shows Logon Roy’s eldest son asserting that he’s “exploding” in the Alaskan polls and Roman (Kieran Culkin) approaching Connor to see whether he might consider dropping out of the election.

“Mencken’s team, they want to know if you might drop out,” Roman tells Connor, referencing Jeryd Mencken (Justin Kirk), the far-right candidate that ATN and Roman himself have thrown their support behind.

It makes sense that Roman would be sticking close by Mencken as he looks to find his place in a post-Logan world: Logan had wanted Roman to take on a more active role at ATN, and securing the election for the network’s preferred candidate would both prove Roman’s efficacy and ensure the company’s access and prestige in the new presidential landscape. The only real question is how Connor will manage to garner enough support to become a genuine rival for someone like Mencken, though that’s likely been influenced by Logan’s death, too, and newfound attention paid toward Connor in its wake. The midseason trailer shows Connor at one point stepping back from a podium that might have been part of a debate stage or a TV interview: Is it possible that the world is looking toward Logan’s eldest son at last after the patriarch’s death? And is it possible that Connor is not immediately, flagrantly bungling the attention thrown his way?

To find out—and to see more meaningful fashion choices—you’ll just have to keep tuning in on Sunday nights.

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