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Meet Juvet Landscape Hotel, the Luxe Norwegian Retreat That Starred in ‘Succession’ Last Night

If you thought the backdrop looked familiar, you're not alone.

Juvet Landscape Hotel Andrea Kitay/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

This week’s episode of Succession saw a tense stand-off between GoJo CEO Lukas Mattson (Alexander Skarsgård) and newly minted Waystar CEOs Kendall (Jeremy Strong) and Roman Roy (Kieran Culkin). It also showed a sidelined Shiv Roy (Sarah Snook) maneuvering behind her siblings’ backs and kicking dirt onto Tom of Siobhan’s (Matthew Macfadyen) blindingly white new sneakers, the execs of Waystar-Royco facing off against GoJo’s top players, and a truly unforgettable story from Mattson about an extended “joke” he’s been playing on an ex and current employee. All of this happened with the lush scenery of Norway’s Valldal Valley in the backdrop, raising already high stakes to literal mountaintops accessible only by gondola, at a very real location called the Juvet Landscape Hotel.

Those rooms that Kendall and Roman were complaining about? Those aren’t sets, but real hotel accomodations from the Juvet that cost $600 a night. When Succession producer Scott Ferguson first saw photos of the Juvet Landscape, he immediately started picturing the negotiation with GoJo taking place on the property.

HBO Succession S4  09.20.22  NORWAY  sc- 405-45.  ext ridge - Roman tells Matsson to fuck off   Kriti Fitts - Publicist kristi.fitts@warnermedia.com   Succession S4 | Sourdough Productions, LLC Kaufmann Astoria Studios 34-12 36th St 3rd flr Astoria NY 11106Office: 718-706-5850
Kieran Culkin, Jeremy Strong, Alexander Skarsgård Graeme Hunter/HBO

“When we saw images of the remarkable architecture and setting of Juvet we got really excited,” Ferguson told Variety. “Norway is a glorious, natural setting. It immediately seemed like a perfect place for a family gathering in the series. We studied different countries, but we realized Norway just has this exceptional landscape—like nowhere else in the world.”

Here’s everything we know about the Juvet Landscape Hotel where this week’s episode of Succession took place.

Its Motto Is “Leave the World Behind”

As seen in last night’s Succession, the Juvet Landscape Hotel is surrounded by unforgettable scenery: forest, mountain ranges, and rolling rivers as far as the eye can see. The Juvet prides itself on its setting and considers itself a “once-in-a-lifetime escape,” writing on its website: “An architectural gem. Surrounded by untamed pristine wilderness. Open your soul and connect to nature. Feel time and space on your terms.” In keeping with its motto, the hotel is located 90 minutes away from the closest city.

Life in a Juvet Landscape Hotel cube is magical. (Andrea Kitay/Tribune News Service via Getty Images)
Juvet Landscape Hotel cube Andrea Kitay/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Rooms Cost Between $430 and $750 Per Night

While the rooms we saw Roman and Kendall staying in cost $600 per night, there are two other tiers of room available: Bird Houses ($430 per night) and the Writer’s Lodge ($750 per night). The rooms the Roys were given are called Landscape Rooms: small cubes made of glass and pine and balanced metal stilts that don’t disturb the local landscape, with floor-to-ceiling glass walls that face out into open nature. Bird Houses are 86-square-foot rooms in small log buildings nestled into the mountainside, while the Writer’s Lodge is a two-bedroom suite of sorts furnished with a living room, kitchen, and patio—by far the most space of any available accommodations. All guests have access to water activities, skiing, hiking, or fjord sightseeing, depending on the season; dinners are served at a communal table; and there’s a Bath House on-site equipped with a hot tub, steam sauna, and silent room.

Guests at Juvet Landscape Hotel enjoy a hot tub surrounded by nature. (Andrea Kitay/Tribune News Service via Getty Images)
Juvet Landscape Hotel Andrea Kitay/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Ex Machina Filmed Here Too

If you thought the tall trees towering behind glass walls looked familiar, you weren’t alone: many Succession fans were scratching their heads at where they’d seen this view before. This hotel was previously featured in 2014 sci-fi film Ex Machina, in which a programmer (Domhnall Gleeson) puts a humanoid with artificial intelligence (Alicia Vikander) through the Turing test to assess its intelligence. In the movie, the Juvet Landscape Hotel was used as the setting for the reclusive, luxurious home of tech billionaire Nathan (Oscar Isaac), who created the A.I.

EX MACHINA, from left: Domhnall Gleeson, Oscar Isaac, 2015. ©A24/Courtesy Everett Collection
Domhnall Gleeson, Oscar Isaac in Ex Machina ©A24

Whatever city it travels to, Succession finds awe-inspiring vistas and striking interiors to catch our eye—but this high-drama forested Norwegian escape may be our favorite one yet.

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