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‘Killer’ Kendall Goes for the Jugular in ‘Succession’ Season 3

The Roy family returns on Sunday, October 17.

The Roys are back in town.

Everyone’s favorite family of power-hungry media tycoons (and psychotics) makes its return in the recently released trailer for season 3 of HBO’s Succession. And, as the brief clips makes abundantly clear, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

When we last checked in with the Roys—which was two long years ago, thanks to the pandemic—the most tortured member of the clan, Kendall (Jeremy Strong), had just publicly accused family patriarch Logan (Brian Cox) of being complicit in the culture of harassment and abuse that pervaded Waystar Royco. The climactic announcement, which Kendall claims he made because it was the right thing to do, is the younger Roy’s latest power grab. It also appears to be the most successful, genuinely imperiling his father’s grasp on the family’s media and entertainment conglomerate. Needless to say, Logan is furious to have been outwitted by his son, who the tycoon had dismissed because he wasn’t a “killer.” Apparently, Kendall disagreed with that assessment.

Brian Cox as Logan Roy in "Succession" Season 3

Brian Cox as Logan Roy in “Succession” Season 3  HBO

The battle between Logan and Kendall may be the focal point of the upcoming season, but the clip makes clear that other Roy children won’t be taking a backseat. The rivalry between Kendall and Shiv (Sarah Snook) looks certain to intensify, especially after the eldest son tells his equally mercenary sister, “Right now, I’m the real you.” Meanwhile, Roman (Kieran Culkin) is again fumbling to get his father’s attention, while oldest brother Cameron (Alan Ruck) makes a powerplay of his own. “Roman is a knucklehead, Shiv is a fake and Kenny is screwy,” he tells Logan.

The trailer also offers up a peak of some additions to the show’s excellent supporting cast, which include Shiv’s husband Tom (Matthew Macfadyen) and fan favorite Cousin Greg (Nicholas Braun). Season 3 will see Sanaa Lathan, Aleksander Skarsgard, Hope Davis and Adrien Brody all get dragged into the Roys’ scorched-earth version of Family Feud. Spoiler Alert: They’ll probably finish the season as shocked and appalled by the Roys as we are.

Jeremy Strong (center) as Kendall Roy in "Succession" Season 3

Jeremy Strong (center) as Kendall Roy in “Succession” Season 3  HBO

“Where’s this end? This friction. I thought my family was f—ked up?” Brody’s Josh Aaronson says in the clip. “This is next level.”

Although reviews are already starting to roll in, season three of Succession won’t premiere until Sunday, October 17. That gives you just under two weeks to either rewatch or catch up on all the Roy’s family drama. Even better, watch this space for recaps of every episode of the season.

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