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‘Succession’ Star Sarah Snook Didn’t Know the Show Was Ending Until Their Final Table Read

Just like her character Shiv Roy in season 3, Sarah Snook got an unpleasant last-minute surprise.

Sarah Snook FilmMagic/FilmMagic for HBO

Shiv Roy isn’t the only one reeling from a nasty surprise—Sarah Snook, who portrays the calculating daughter of Waystar Royco CEO Logan Roy on HBO’s Succession, was also recently handed a piece of bad news at the very last minute about the end of the hit show she stars in.

While Jesse Armstrong broke a lot of fans’ hearts with the reveal to the New Yorker some weeks back that Succession would be ending with the fourth season, premiering this week, readers assumed that the cast and crew had long been aware of the creator’s decision and simply had been bound by HBO’s famously iron-clad privacy agreements. As it turns out, however, some cast members didn’t find out until late in the game that the next season would be the final one Succession had in store.

In a new interview with the Los Angeles Times, Snook revealed that she wasn’t told until the cast’s final table read in January that the season they were filming would be the series’ last.

Jeremy Strong, Sarah Snook, Kieran Culkin in 'Succession'
Jeremy Strong, Sarah Snook, and Kieran Culkin in ‘Succession’ Claudette Barius/HBO

“I was very upset,” she told the Times‘s Meredith Blake. “I felt a huge sense of loss, disappointment, and sadness. It would have been nice to know at the beginning of the season, but I also understand not being told until the end because there was still a potential that maybe this wasn’t going to be the end.”

It’s unclear if the cast was told all at once, or whether Snook was told later than some of her co-stars, but she says that the entire cast was emotional about the prospect of this beloved show coming to an end.

“Emotionally, all of us weren’t necessarily ready to be done with the show because we love each other so much,” she said. “But everything has to come to an end, and it’s smart not to let something become a parody of itself.”

Matthew Macfadyen, Sarah Snook in 'Succession'
Matthew Macfadyen, Sarah Snook in ‘Succession’ Graeme Hunter/HBO

Co-stars including Brian Cox, Nicholas Braun, and Jeremy Strong have all been doing interviews in advance of the final season, and all have echoed sadness about leaving these characters behind while placing their full trust in creator Armstrong that he knows the best place to close the chapter on this story. While season 3 ends with Cox’s Logan Roy foiling yet another coup attempt from his children, this time with the assistance of Shiv’s husband Tom Wambsgans (Matthew Macfadyen), season 4 shows the younger generation gearing up for yet another round of battle with the steely CEO—and Snook’s Shiv confronting Tom about his role in last year’s betrayal.

Mark your calendars for a wild ride: the final season will premiere on HBO Max on Sunday, March 26.

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