The Sweetest New Destination in the Caribbean

Known as “Sugar City” for its once-thriving sugar industry, St. Kitts has fast become a sweet spot among its Caribbean siblings. Over the past years, the stable, forward-thinking government has emphasized historic preservation, green energy, and sustainable development. St. Kitts has transformed itself from a sugar-based economy to one centered on intoxicating escapism. Incredible natural beauty, sunny skies, warm waters, and white sandy beaches combine in unprecedented ways even for the West Indies. And with more and more major airlines announcing direct flights from major cities, traveling to St. Kitts has become more pleasurable than ever.

The island has set aside more than a quarter of its land as a national park, with a rainforest that is actually expanding in size rather than shrinking. St. Kitts is surrounded by dive sites teeming with fish of every stripe and color. Visitors encounter exotic wildlife, breathtaking vistas, and stunning seaside landscapes.

One of the best ways to get close to the rejuvenating powers of the island is by sojourning in a personal bungalow. The Christophe Harbour luxury resort development invites visitors for an intimate and authentic taste of island life. The native charm of the bungalows’ setting couples with the modern conveniences offered just steps away at The Pavilion, where exceptional dining, liquid refreshment, and luxurious pools turn the traveler’s stay into a true visit to paradise. Once replenished, more adventurous vacationers will find easy access from their doorstep to hiking trails, paddleboarding, and even special areas for yoga.

Just walking distance from a private beach club, these enchanting waterfront bungalows are set along the dunes, surrounded by palms and bougainvillea. Made with hand-hewn logs, wooden shutters, glass wrap-around doors, and marble slab baths with rain showers, each bungalow features its own plunge pool and seaside cabana. Inside is an ocean of soft pillows and comforts among one-of-a-kind furnishings of wood, stone, bamboo, and sea grass.

Christophe Harbour’s comfortable aesthetic melds modern amenities and natural elements in a way that feels like an escape but with all the comforts of home. Thoughtfully planned indoor/outdoor living spaces and designs provide the ideal opportunity to enjoy this sweet oceanside paradise.

There is possibly no better way to experience the authenticity of St. Kitts.

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