Tech and the City

The sleek, modern Strip resorts have come a long way from the themed hotels of Las Vegas’s charming past.  And the inner workings are just as impressive. From in-room controls that will make the most tech-savvy guests feel right at home to computerized water and art features, Vegas is in the middle of a tech revolution.

At the forefront: Aria Resort & Casino, where guests are “greeted” by their rooms upon arrival. No, you’re not imagining it. When a new guest opens the room’s door for the first time,  you are greeted by name, and the curtains part to show off the stunning Las Vegas views as the TV flips on to reveal its display of automated room controls. At the same time, the lights slowly brighten to showcase these beautiful rooms in all of their modern splendor.

Throughout your stay, lighting, room temp, TV, music, wake-up calls, draperies, and service requests can be done via remote on the TV – or there’s a touchscreen next to the bed. It’s a system not seen outside of only the most tech-forward custom private homes. Savvy guests may even save preferences that modify all settings at once with a click of a button – for bedtime, for example.

Aria’s rooms just might be the only ones in Vegas that are hard to drag yourself out of. Laptops, game consoles, and cameras can be plugged into the big-screen monitor. In the ARIA Sky Suites you can even connect your phone to the system via Bluetooth and play your favorite songs throughout the entire suite . All the  rooms boasts dimmable lighting and personalized wake-up options – that include temp, lighting, music, TV turn-on and stations as well as the opening of the curtains, which can all be choreographed the night before to your exact specifications. Forget to turn out the bathroom light or close the curtains before melt into your 7-layered beds? There is a “Goodnight Button” which will take care of it all with a single push.

When it is finally time to say goodbye to Aria, the hotel offers mobile checkout, where guests can check out of their rooms with a very quick text or email. The hotel has even recently partnered with StayNTouch for online check-in options that email the guest when their room is ready then allows them to check in at the lobby’s mobile key window instead of waiting in the regular line to check in.

Tech advances are happening so fast – at this rate, there’s no telling what Aria will be adding next. Stay tuned.

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