The Family Jewels

Sorellina, which means little sister in Italian, is a new jewelry collection by sisters Nicole and Kim Carosella, who share a passion for jewelry and design and established their own business last year. The ambitious duo launched a collection with six different themes, priced from $500 to $75,000.

The jewelry reflects traditional themes and familiar references but is forged with a slightly more contemporary feeling. A serpent ring, for instance, is made with carved yellow and blackened gold for an aged appearance, and blue sapphire flower-petal earrings are shaped specifically for the right and left ears to create a feminine design that sweeps around the shape of the ear.

Before starting the business, the two studied in related fields: after college, Nicole began collecting vintage jewelry and went on to study jewelry design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, while Kim studied art history at Tulane University, and each spent time working for different jewelry companies to gain an understanding of production and business. Today, they design, source stones, and oversee artisan jewelry makers in New York City, looking after the construction of each piece. In addition to their collection, they consult with clients on bespoke pieces, and they recently completed two engagement rings bearing a combination of their own aesthetic and the clients’. (718.384.3860, sorellinanewyork.com)

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