The “Succession” Season 2 Trailer Just Dropped and It’s Promising Even More Father-Son Drama

"You have a hard time finding a happy medium between worshipping him and wanting to kill him."

Yep, everybody’s favorite dysfunctional family of billionaires is back. HBO has released a sneak peek of the upcoming second season of Succession, which suggests that we’re in store for more of the juicy father-son drama between young gun Kendall Roy (Jeremy Strong) and ruthless patriarch Logan Roy (Brian Cox).

At the end of the last season, Kendall Roy was on the cusp of wringing control of the family’s empire from his father, but all his plans come undone at the last minutethanks to a hankering for cocaine and a rogue deer. Meanwhile, Kendall’s weird and maniacal younger brother Roman (Kieran Culkin) and recently married sister Rava (Natalie Gold) both continue to maneuver for pole position in the family hierarchy. It’s complicated, to be sure, but fear not: Robb Report will offer a complete episode-by-episode recap of the acclaimed show’s upcoming season, so you can get a blow-by-blow analysis of all the carnage.

Written by Jesse Armstrong (In the Loop) and directed by Adam McKay (The Big Short), Succession explores the power struggle between the four Roy children and their aging father, who is having a hard time relinquishing control of his vast media empire. While the series is strictly fictional, fans and critics have consistently drawn parallels between the Roy family and real-life Murdoch clan: Both billionaire families have old men at the helm and young heirs nipping at their heels to take over. For these super-rich families, the power that comes with the family business makes succession incredibly complicated—but undeniably entertaining to watch.

Season 2 will premiere on HBO in August, 2019. Check this space for Robb Report‘s obsessive recaps of every episode. 

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