Best of the Best: Thousand-Dollar Menus Worth Every Penny

Deputy Editor, Michalene Busico, speaks with Jerold Leslie from TheStreet.com:

By Jerold Leslie

‘BOSTON (TheStreet) — Michalene Busico has seen $2,700-a-pound cheese and $58 hamburgers in her time at upscale-lifestyles magazine the Robb Report, but thinks even the restaurants and shops that sell such fare know they’re usually gimmicks.

“People come up with these wacky novelties all the time, and part of the fun is the crazy price — the ‘$1,000 cocktail’ or something like that,” says Busico, who oversees the Robb Report’s restaurant coverage. “But it’s pretty clear that a lot of these things are mostly about showmanship, not about the actual quality of ingredients or the intricacy of the preparation involved.” ‘

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