A Town Where Anything Goes

Visitors to Las Vegas always hit the ground running, fueled by its palpable, indescribable energy. That’s because as you look around at the bright lights, sights, and sounds, you can’t help but feel in your bones that anything can happen. And it can: The Strip is where people descend to experience the unexpected.

When staying at ARIA Resort & Casino, this is taken to a whole new level, where surprising touches permeate the entire experience of being there. Nowhere is this more appreciated than at the Sky Suites where guests are pampered with celebrity treatment from the moment they are picked up in a compressed natural gas limosine and whisked to their rooms via private entrances. Or book the ultimate Sky Villas, where turning the corner on the highest floors of ARIA could mean finding a steam room, exercise room, or even pool table or barbershop – within your own up to 5,600-square-foot suite. Your 24-hour butler will make sure your trip is filled with additional little surprises.

Downstairs  you may notice one thing missing that you would normally expect to find in a popular Las Vegas casino: smoke. While the building is not completely smoke free, ARIA’s state-of-the-art air filtration ensures that you would never know otherwise. Ready for a bite to eat? From seafood at barMASA, where today’s menu of fish left Japanese waters no more than 24 hours ago, to Kobe A5 beef at Jean Georges Steakhouse on the Promenade, there are items here that you simply cannot find anywhere else in Las Vegas.

Even wandering the halls isn’t safe. Discerning art lovers will be surprised to take in stunning works by Maya Lin, Henry Moore, and Nancy Rubins as they meander through the property. Grab a cotton-candy-infused cocktail, called Pink Cashmere, at Sage and take a self-guided tour of the entire collection.

Later that night, more surprises await. Crawl into the custom ARIA bed with seven layers of comfort foam and too many threads to count. Forgot to turn off the bathroom light or close the curtains? Not a problem. The “Goodnight” button next to your bed has you covered.

In a town where anything can happen, ARIA relishes creating new unexpected surprises and redefining luxury in Las Vegas.

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