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The 15 Best AirTag Wallets to Keep All Your Essentials in Check

You'll never lose sight of your IDs, cards and cash with this reliable accessory.

best airtag wallets

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The AirTag is an invention that very well could have been made personally for me. Why? I have a special skill for misplacing things. Umbrellas and scarves in Ubers, keys (usually in my apartment), passports (one escaped en-route from Bali to Brooklyn; another broke free on a New York subway and, miraculously, made it back), luggage (though, I can’t claim credit for this one): The options are vast and the opportunities seemingly endless. When Apple’s AirTags were released, it was as though the tech gods, at last, had developed something perfectly suited for my needs. I put one on my luggage when I travel and another in my carry-on bag.

Of course, with the AirTag comes the need for an apparatus to secure it. And there’s nothing more pragmatic and comprehensive than an AirTag wallet, keeping all my valuables secure without the need to jam the device in a credit card slot. In all honesty, I was in the market for one not too long ago, which is why I researched the many AirTag wallets available and evaluated the key components: silhouette, security features, materials and style.

Below, the best AirTag wallets available, selected for each of your needs and tastes. And if you’re anything like me, be sure not to travel without one.

Best Overall AirTag Wallet

The Ridge Titanium AirTag Wallet


The Ridge Titanium has fast become a classic AirTag wallets, known for its sleek design, ultra-slim size and strong functionality. It’s the perfect balance of form and function.

Material: Titanium
Capacity: 12 card slots
RFID-Blocking: Yes
Pros: Small, compact and stylish
Cons: Not for the traditionalist

Buy Now on The Ridge: $99

Best AirTag Wallet for Minimalists

Walldo Slim Premium AirTag Wallet


The Walldo wallet is the slimmest of the slim, and one of the best-looking AirTag wallets on offer. It’s less than half an inch—minimal and to the point.

Material: Leather
Capacity: Six card slots
RFID-Blocking: Yes
Pros: Elegant look, perfect for those using less than a handful of cards
Cons: Minimal cart slots

Buy Now on Amazon: $90

Best AirTag Wallet for Travelers

Simply Soirée Wallet and Passport Holder


An AirTag passport holder is a must-have for frequent international travelers who want the extra security of knowing where their passport is at all times. This one comes with a laminated vaccine card protector and four card slots.

Material: Vegan leather
Capacity: Four card slots
RFID-Blocking: No
Pros: One of the only passport holder options, laminated vaccine card holder
Cons: Limited card slots, no cash slot

Buy Now on Amazon: $33

Best Bifold AirTag Wallet

Doeboe AirTag Wallet


For the man who has no interest in departing from his traditional bifold, we recommended Doeboe’s AirTag wallet, which can hold eight cards and cash.

Material: Leather
Capacity: Eight card slots
RFID-Blocking: Yes
Pros: Slim bifold in traditional leather, transparent ID holder
Cons: Too classic for some

Buy Now on Amazon: $27

Best AirTag Wallet for Security

Spigen AirTag Wallet


Made of polycarbonate with serious RFID-blocking, this slate gray style is a smart offering for anyone looking for security in their AirTag wallet. Its sci-fi look may also appeal to some.

Material: Polycarbonate
Capacity: 12 card slots
RFID-Blocking: Yes
Pros: Ultra practical with room for lots of cards, an elastic band for cash, the best security features
Cons: Its futuristic look may not be for everyone

Buy Now on Amazon: $28

Best AirTag Wallet for a Cause

Geometric Goods Leather AirTag Billfold Wallet


With its beautiful color palette and square shape and exposed seams, this handcrafted AirTag wallet is a real beauty. Plus, a 100 proceeds are to causes that support Ukraine.

Material: Vegetable-tanned genuine leather
Capacity: Seven card slots
RFID-Blocking: No
Pros: Handcrafted in Italy, AirTag is subtly concealed, 100 percent of proceeds go to Ukrainian causes
Cons: No RFID-blocking

Buy Now on Geometric Goods: $114

Best Personalized AirTag Wallet

ShenDoah Personalized Leather AirTag Wallet


This is the perfect pick if you are looking for all the benefits of a traditional bifold wallet in genuine leather. But what really caught our attention is that it can be personalized with your name or initials.

Material: Leather
Capacity: Nine card slots
RFID-Blocking: No
Pros: Handmade, metal clip for cash and engraving options
Cons: No RFID-blocking, bulky silhouette

Buy Now on Etsy: $44

Best Heavy-Duty AirTag Wallet

The Ridge Carbon Fiber 3K AirTag Wallet


This AirTag wallet is built to last—truly. The minimalist, scratch-resistant case is made from ultra-durable carbon fiber and steel. Customize your own by choosing between a cash strap, money clip or both.

Material: Carbon fiber
Capacity: 12 card slots
RFID-Blocking: Yes
Pros: Super secure, long lasting and versatile
Cons: The design can appear too industrial for some

Buy Now on The Ridge: $120

Best Zipper AirTag Wallet

WXM AirTag Wallet


With room for up to 15 cards and a money clip for cash, WXM’s AirTag wallet is in a league of its own—storage-wise. This military-grade offering can easily become an everyday essential.

Material: Military-grade carbon fiber and aluminum alloy
Capacity: 15 card slots
RFID-Blocking: Yes
Pros: Ultra sturdy, ultra secure and features a money clip
Cons: Overly stylized, could be more compact

Buy Now on Amazon: $30

Best AirTag Wallet for Outdoorsmen

Raptic Tactical AirTag Wallet


This style is an AirTag wallet and Swiss army knife all in one—complete with two screwdrivers, a bottle opener, wire cutter, ruler and a wrench, in addition to four card slots.

Material: Vegan leather
Capacity: Four cards slots
RFID-Blocking: No
Pros: Mini tool kit, durability, versatility
Cons: Only four card slots, no RFID-blocking

Buy Now on Amazon: $20

Best Money Clip AirTag Wallet

Furid AirTag Wallet


This Space Age metal AirTag wallet comes equipped with a money clip and room for 12 cards. It’s sleek, available in a range of subtle shades and, put simply, it’s not bad to look at.

Material: Aluminum
Capacity: 12 card slots
RFID-Blocking: Yes
Pros: Sleek, elegant, room for everything you need.
Cons: Non-traditional design

Buy Now on Amazon: $26

Best Slide AirTag Wallet

Ekster AirTag Wallet


For those looking for a slide wallet, this one from Ekster may be the most refined option available. With a cash strap and room for 12 cards, along with being made of eco-friendly leather, it is the perfect blend of practical and sustainable.

Material: Environmentally certified leather
Capacity: 12 card slots
RFID-Blocking: Yes
Pros: Quick card access, elegant, cash strap
Cons: Could get tight with all 12 cards

Buy Now on Ekster: $69

Best Customizable AirTag Wallet

NextLevelEngraving AirTag Wallet


With three spaces where you can add engravings in a variety of fonts, along with the three classic leather shades on offer, this wallet is a perfect holiday gift for a family member or yourself.

Material: Leather
Capacity: Six card slots
RFID-Blocking: No
Pros: Classic leather shades, customizable features
Cons: No credit card scanning security, minimal card spaces

Buy Now on Etsy: $30

Best AirTag Wallet Accessory

Hermès AirTag Bag Charm


Leave it Hermès to deliver the most beautifully crafted, artful edition on this list. Though it’s technically a charm and not a wallet, you’re can attach it to a good-size accessory and have it dangle, well, charmingly.

Material: Barénia or Swift leather
Capacity: N/A
RFID-Blocking: No
Pros: Hand-stitched leather, beautiful silhouette
Cons: It’s technically not a wallet

Buy Now on Apple: $299

Best Front-Pocket AirTag Wallet

Hawanik Front-Pocket AirTag Wallet


This style is made of high-quality vegan leather and comes in a variety of colors. It also has a slim and stylish silhouette, and can fit up to six cards and cash. And if all this isn’t enough, just check out the price.

Material: Vegan leather
Capacity: Six card slots
RFID-Blocking: Yes
Pros: Stylish silhouette
Cons: Minimal card slots

Buy Now of Amazon: $13

What is an AirTag wallet?

Let’s start with the AirTag, a compact Bluetooth tracker roughly the size of a quarter that can be attached to keys, accessories and just about anything you value and might misplace around the house or elsewhere. When you need to find it, open the Find My app on your iPhone and zoom in on your valuables. The AirTag uses a chip to zero in on the device’s location accurately—more so than other Bluetooth services in the market. Basically, an AirTag wallet mimics a traditional wallet but with a key exception: It has a built-in insert or pocket for your AirTag tracker.

What to Consider Before Buying the Best AirTag wallets:

Silhouette: What wallet style are you interested in? From classic billfolds to minimalist front-pocket options, the shape really depends on your personal preference.

Material: Are you interested in genuine leather or a vegan alternative? Is polycarbonate more your speed? Again, this all up to your predilections. Just make sure it is durable enough to withstand daily use.

Capacity: How many cards do you plan to hold in your wallet? Will this be used everyday or just when you travel? Note: Standard AirTag Wallets range from six card slots to 15.

Security: Does the wallet come with RFID blocking? These wallets block any scans that can access your cards’ electromagnetic signal to access their information.

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