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The Best Balloon Whisks for Making Everything From Meringues to Salad Dressing

There's no better tool than a solid balloon whisk for tackling all of your mixing needs.

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If you’ve ever had the pleasure of enjoying a rerun of a Julia Child cooking show, you’ll know she was a fanatic about having a variety of whisks. And who can blame her? From whipping cream and eggs to emulsifying oil and vinegar for salad dressings, they are seriously useful. But they’re not all alike in shape and proportion. For certain jobs, a balloon whisk is the best choice.

Typified by a bulbous wire head––as its name implies––balloon whisks are especially adept at moving through large volumes of liquid, think making mountains of whipped cream for a cake. Their deliberate shape incorporates the maximum amount of air with a minimum amount of effort. They are even capable of tackling denser substances like rich chocolate cake batter for a mouth-watering dessert.

But no two examples are exactly alike. Handle silhouettes, overall length and even the space between each wire can make a difference. To cut through the noise, we’ve rounded up our four favorite models available on Amazon.

1. OXO Good Grips Silicone Balloon Whisk

Designed with a high heat-resistant and non-stick-safe head, this affordable balloon whisk is an essential culinary accessory any chef or baker should have in their lineup. The non-slip and easy-to-grip handle allows for better precision, making whisking, glazing, and whipping simple and hassle-free.

Pros: This model won’t scratch non-stick cookware.

Cons: It doesn’t have a hook for hanging storage.

OXO Balloon whisk

Courtesy of Amazon

OXO Good Grips Silicone Balloon Whisk: $15.95

2. Norpro Krona Stainless Steel Whisk

Simple is often best and that’s why this Norpro whisk is such a solid choice. Every tool in the brand’s Krona line is made from commercial-grade stainless steel for heat and corrosion resistance meaning this model can do everything from whip egg yolks to swirl melting chocolate. Its slightly smaller proportions make it nimble enough to reach in the far corners of every dish and an incorporated loop at the top makes for convenient hanging storage.

Pros: Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

Cons: Its mid-sized scale might not be the right choice for every task.

Norpro Krona Stainless Steel Whisk

Courtesy of Amazon

Norpro Krona Stainless Steel Whisk: $5.39

3. Rösle Balloon Egg Whisk

Made from 18/10 stainless steel with a plentiful 14 wires, Rösle’s whisk creates airy textures and maximum volume in a cinch. Its design was carefully considered to achieve unmatched balance in the hand to avoid fatigue and generally make any appropriate cooking tasks more enjoyable. After you’re done using it to assemble a souffle, simply toss it in the dishwasher and hang it by the sleek loop once dry.

Pros: It has a balanced weight that makes repetitive cooking tasks markedly easier.

Cons: At 10.6 inches, it’s not the longest whisk and may not comfortable for every cook.

Rösle Balloon Egg Whisk

Courtesy of Amazon

Rösle Balloon Egg Whisk: $23.95

4. Best Manufacturers Balloon Whip

If you want efficient, Best Manufacturers’ balloon whisk is for you. The largest of any whisk on our list, it tackles any job at lightning speed, like beating egg whites to incorporate into a cake. Making a silky bechamel? Use this whisk to combine flour and butter for a roux before adding milk and then beating them all into a sauce worthy of your best baked pasta recipe. A smooth birch wood handle is comfortable to hold and adds a unique look, unlike the other examples we’ve listed here.

Pros: At 14 inches, this is the longest whisk on our list making it ideal for big jobs.

Cons: Its size might make storage more difficult.

Best Manufacturers Balloon Whip

Courtesy of Amazon

Best Manufacturers Balloon Whip:

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