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The Best Bamboo Bowls for Soups, Salads and More

Four bowls that can be used for decoration or serving.


Whether it’s glass, stone or ceramic, there’s a plethora of options out there when it comes to bowls. All come with their fair share of advantages and disadvantages. Some prefer the delicate look and feel of glass, while other’s want the heavy-duty durability of stoneware. But for those who want something else entirely, there’s the bamboo bowl.

These wooden containers are typically made of 100 percent bamboo, as the name would suggest. They make for great decorative fruit bowls, but they can just as easily be used to hold food that’s actually being served. Salads are a popular choice, as the oaky bamboo finish pairs nicely with these natural ingredients. You’ll want a larger bowl for eating greens, though. Smaller ones can just as easily be used to serve soups.

Of course, while these bowls give off an effortlessly cool, retro vibe, they come at a cost. It’s important to consider where the bamboo is coming from when purchasing, as deforestation is putting many species at risk. The more sustainably sourced, the better. Here are four bamboo bowls on Amazon for any occasion.

1. Largess Bamboo Nested Serving Dishes

Bamboo bowls can make for great gifts. And if you’re looking to get one for someone in your life, then Largess’ is a solid pick. The three different bowls come in different sizes and depths, so they can be used for a wide array of different foods: Hot or cold plates, salad, fruit, vegetables and more. In other words, it’s a great middle of the road pick that can just as easily be used for decoration as it can be for serving food.

Largess Bamboo Nested Serving Dishes


Largess Bamboo Nested Serving Dishes:

2. Lipper International Bamboo Salad Bowl

If you’re short a salad bowl for the table, then look no further than this one from Lipper International. With an 14 inch diameter, it’s one of the most spacious bamboo bowls on this list, so it can hold plenty of greens for you to serve at dinner. Another plus of the model is its contrasting hues, which range from a caramel color to a light beige. In other words, it’s both visually appealing and completely functional.


Lipper International Bamboo Salad Bowl


Lipper International Bamboo Salad Bowl: $39.99

3. YLSP Fruit Plate

Let’s face it, you can use bamboo bowl functionally, they make for even better decoration. YLSP’s is an excellent example of that, as it’s an exquisite bamboo container that’s more for décor than tabletop serving. Made of environmentally friendly and nontoxic materials, it’s a tiny bowl that’s only about 10 inches across. That might be a con for some, but its quaint size is perfect for displaying fruits and vegetables.

YLSP Fruit Plate


YLSP Fruit Plate:

4. PacknWood Bamboo Leaf Mini Ramekin Bowl

Planning a picnic in the near future? There’s no reason you can’t do it with style—and sustainability—in mind. Enter PacknWood’s disposable bamboo leaf bowls, which are eco-friendly, as they’re sourced from fallen leaves. Because of their makeup they’re also compostable, unlike plasticware you might use otherwise. You’ll get a case of 1,000 of these bowls for your purchase, which may be a bit overwhelming for some, but just keep in mind that they’re pretty small. So, while it may not be for those who want a gorgeous bowl to display, when it comes to sustainable alternatives, these are among the very best.

Bamboo Leaf Mini Ramekin Bowl


PacknWood Bamboo Leaf Mini Ramekin Bowl: $549.40

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