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The Best Barbecue Forks for Flipping Steaks, Grilled Veggies and More

It’s one of the most useful tools in any griller’s arsenal, making any cookout easier.

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Anyone who enjoys barbecue (especially if you make yours at home), is likely well aware of the importance of having a solid barbecue fork on hand. The simple utensil is a fantastic cooking companion that can make a whole range of cookout tasks so much easier. As its moniker implies, the tool is essentially an elongated fork that’s typically designed with two prongs. This enables you to lift and turn food without getting too close to the hot grill or flames.

Barbecue forks are usually made from stainless steel because it’s both durable and resistant to rust and corrosion. Many are also engineered with ergonomic handles to prevent your wrist from getting fatigued and to give your more control. We prefer barbecue knives that are also dishwasher safe to ensure easy cleaning, but that’s a personal preference. Scroll through below to check out four of the best barbecue forks on Amazon to enhance your grilling lineup.

1. Anolon SureGrip Meat Fork

If you like to cook at blistering heats, Anolon’s meat fork makes for the perfect grilling partner. Crafted from durable stainless steel, it’s heat safe up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The fork has tapered, curved tines that can easily pierce and grab ingredients. At the other end, the easy-grip handle means you can flip without fatigue. The high-quality design has been built to last, and Anolon claims it will withstand a lifetime of carving and serving. It’s also dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

Anolon SureGrip Meat Fork


Anolon SureGrip Meat Fork: $11.99

2. New Star Foodservice Barbecue Fork

New Star Foodservice’s barbecue fork is designed for grillers with discerning taste. It features arguably the most elegant handle of the barbecue forks on this list. Forged from fine wood, it looks as good as it feels. It’s also double riveted for added strength and stability. Aside from the handle, the fork features a brushed stainless steel head with two sharp prongs for piercing your ingredients. Unfortunately, this design has to be hand-washed, but we’re sure you won’t mind.

New Star Foodservice Barbecue Fork


New Star Foodservice Barbecue Fork: $8.97

3. Yosoo Extension BBQ Fork

This extendable barbecue fork is designed for grillers that plan to do a lot of flipping. The sleek handle enables you to rotate the utensil with very minimal effort. This ensures your ingredients cook evenly each and every time. The handle can even extend 25 inches to keep your hands far from the heat while your grilling.

Extendable BBQ Fork Amazon

BBQ-Extendable-fork-amazon  Amazon

Yosoo Extension BBQ Fork: $8.79

4. Briout Exra-Long Barbecue Fork

Briout’s barbecue forks are by far the longest on this list. The set includes 10 forks that can expand from 12 inches up to 45 inches in length. This makes them a great kid-friendly option if you plan to roast some marshmallows with the fam. Each fork is made from premium quality 304 stainless steel to ensure no rusting and safe roasting. They’re also fitted with comfy rubber handles that protect hands from the heat while also giving a firm, steady grip. Best of all, you can push them back down to 12 inches when not in use for convenient storage.

Briout Exra-Long Barbecue Fork


Briout Exra-Long Barbecue Fork: $16.99

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