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The Best Barbecue Skewers for Grilling Your Favorite Meats and Vegetables

Four different skewers that will help you get the perfect char each and every time.

Blue Donuts Kabob Skewers Amazon

While the skewer may be one of the smallest tools in any griller’s arsenal, its effects can be mighty. The svelte sticks, which date all the way back to prehistoric times, make it possible to cook all manner of ingredients over an open flame for added flavor.

Skewers are typically available in wood or metal and are dead simple to use: You simply thread a few pieces of meat, fish, veg or fruit together onto each stick and grill them over an open flame. This simple cooking method not only imparts a delicious char, but it also looks good, too. In fact, colorful kebabs that feature a mix of peppers, for instance, make for a great focal point at cookouts. Skewers also ensure a nice even cook.

Needless to say, not all skewers are created equal. To ensure you get the best, we’ve selected four high-quality sets currently available on Amazon.

1. BearMoo Kabob Skewers

BearMoo’s skewers are by far the biggest and most durable on our list. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, each stick spans 17 inches in length. As such, this set is ideal if you plan to stack on a lot of ingredients. The skewers are also flat and wide by design to keep your food from rolling while you grill. They’re also fitted with an ergonomic waved handle that the brand claims is easier to maneuver than a traditional loop handle.

BearMoo Kabob Skewers


BearMoo Kabob Skewers: $17.99

2. G & F Products BBQ Skewers

All skewers are long, but few are as long as this set from G & F Products. Each of the brand’s spears features a thin, heavy-duty blade that measures 23 inches long and 5/8 inches wide. The flattened design makes them well-suited for kebabs and means you don’t have to worry about them spinning uncontrollably (the brand also jokes they can be used as swords, but we’d strongly recommend against that). Another nice feature is the wooden handle that helps ensure you don’t burn yourself while moving your meat and vegetables around the grill. Each set includes eight skewers and a camouflage carrying bag.

G & F Products BBQ Skewers


G & F Products BBQ Skewers: $27.99

3. Blue Donuts Kabob Skewers

These skewers by Blue Donuts are not too big, not too small, but just right. Each stick in the 24-piece set measures 12 inches, which means they fit neatly on a wide array of grills. Like the first two designs, the skewers are crafted from sturdy stainless steel and feature a flat edge to stop unwanted movement. The ring handle, meanwhile, allows you to easily spin when needed. As with the rest of the stainless steel options on this list, this set is dishwasher safe for quick and easy clean up.

Blue Donuts Kabob Skewers


Blue Donuts Kabob Skewers: $14.95

4. Hopelf Natural Bamboo Skewers

Wood skewers tend to get a bad wrap since they’re not reusable, but sometimes there are occasions in which only these skewers will do. Take a party or cookout, for example, where you need a large number of skewers at a price that won’t break the bank. This 100-piece set allows you to serve a large number of guests delicious barbecue goodness. Plus, they’re 100 percent bamboo, which is both renewable and eco-friendly. That means you can feel good about using them, too.

Hopelf Natural Bamboo Skewers


Hopelf Natural Bamboo Skewers: $8.99

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