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The 10 Best Electric Salt and Pepper Grinders to Perfectly Season Your Food

The sleekest sets of battery-operated grinders that make it easier than ever to spice up your food.

best electric salt and pepper grinders

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While it’s certainly fun to channel Salt Bae on occasion and dramatically sprinkle your seasoning from a great height, this level of theatrics is not for the everyday. Instead, you need something that’s easy and consistent, like an electric grinder.

These battery-powered contraptions are a one-touch solution to the manual mill and will prevent you from ending up with large chunks of salt or pepper on your food. There’s no ceaseless grinding or fatiguing your wrists, you simply push it to get your salt ‘n’ pepper.

Electric grinders come in all shapes, sizes and materials, though most designs are stainless steel for added strength and durability. The most important part of the mill is the grinding mechanism. This determines the quality of the grind. Ceramic options typically produce a more consistent grind and are a little more versatile, whereas stainless steel versions won’t wear out over time. There are also optional extras, like viewing windows and LED lights, that further differentiate each model.

To help you pick the perfect duo, we’ve pulled together four of the best electric salt and pepper grinders that’ll have you seasoning like a pro.

Trudeau Battery-Operated Salt and Pepper Mill Set

Sporting an eye-catching copper-plated finish, these battery-operated salt and pepper mills are as easy on the eyes are they are on the wrists. Designed for one-hand use, you simply turn the grinders upside down over food, and they automatically begin to grind. Then, when you turn them upright, the mechanism shuts off. The corrosion-proof ceramic grinding mechanism is located at the top of each mill, so the excess pepper and salt stays neatly contained in the grinder and not on your table or bench.

Buy Now on Williams Sonoma: $120

Peugeot Elis Sense Salt & Pepper Mills

Replete with the design ingenuity for which the French automaker is renowned, these chic brushed stainless-steel grinders feature super-efficient motors that are both quiet and effective. Perfect for those who struggle with wrist injuries or are easily fatigued, the grinders automatically spring into action when the body and top are touched simultaneously. They also have bright-blue LED lights that illuminate while in use. Each grinder comes with a sleek mill rest that works to catch any loose residue and keep your benches clean.

Buy Now on West Elm: $230

Cole & Mason Electric Salt and Pepper Grinder

These battery-powered mills sport a sleek stainless-steel exterior with an adjustable grinder that delivers seasoning at various sizes, from powder-fine to coarse. The peppermill features premium hardened steel to power through the toughest peppercorn, while the salt mill uses a diamond-cut ceramic mill to churn out smooth salt. The grinders’ simple operation makes for quick and easy use. Plus, the body of the grinder is a soft, textured material for a sturdy, fingerprint-resistant grip.

Buy Now on Amazon: $70

Zwilling Enfinigy Electric Salt and Pepper Mill

When it comes to sleek cookware and kitchen appliances, the kinds of pieces that are minimalism at its finest, Zwilling never disappoints. Prime example: The brand’s electric salt and pepper grinder, a device made of heavy-duty ceramic with a streamlined silhouette and just the right amount of gloss on the surface. Indeed, what it lacks in flash and flourishes, it more than makes up for in performance and ease. Simply twist the base to open the mill, fill it with the spices of your choosing, adjust the spin dial to get the desired grind and push the center button. More importantly, the mill is so powerful that you’ll be able to season your dishes within seconds.

Buy Now on Perigold: 75 $60

Cuisinart SG-3 Rechargeable Salt and Pepper Mill

Trying to save some space? This rechargeable, dual-sided salt and pepper mill from Cuisinart makes conserving countertop and table space look easy. Despite its form, which packs two dispensers into one sleek device, it still sports necessary features like an adjustable coarseness level. And when it’s running low on power, simply place the battery in the included charging cradle, which has its own crumb tray, and it will be ready to go within minutes.

Buy Now on Amazon: $79

Williams Sonoma Rechargeable Electric Salt and Pepper Mill

Williams Sonoma definitely needs no introduction. But here’s a refresher: The retailer carries some of the top-notch kitchen tools and appliances from brands favored by the pros (see Trudeau). It also creates its own collection that’s equally up to snuff, including this battery-powered salt and pepper grinder set. Made of steel with a copper accent, the incredibly durable carbon-steel grinding mechanism will finely mill spices with minimal fuss. You’re also able to adjust the settings manually if you prefer coarser flakes. Last but not least, the ergonomic design allows you to grip the device with little effort.

Buy Now on Williams Sonoma: $160

Brentwood SG-2321S Electric Blue LED Stainless Steel Salt and Pepper Grinders

The best electric grinders are all about convenience, and this one from Brentwood definitely offers that. It is made of stainless steel and features ceramic grinders that’ll mill spices from fine to coarse with a simple touch of the button. It also features blue LED lights that’ll indicate the precise spot where salt or pepper will land on your dish.

Buy Now on Walmart: $35

Kitcheniva Stainless Steel Electric Automatic Pepper Salt Grinder Pepper Grinders

Kitcheniva is a new player in the kitchenware industry (it was founded over a year ago) that started out the gate with a range of cookware, utensils and appliances. It creates practically everything needed for cooking and eating. Which means it offers a salt and pepper grinder. Not just any salt and pepper grinder, though, but one made out of high-grade stainless steel with brushed finish. The silhouette, with its unique dome top, is also pretty unique; it’s definitely an eye-catcher.

Buy Now on Bed Bath and Beyond: 48 $38

Russell Hobbs Battery-Powered Salt and Pepper Grinders

Russell Hobbs is another company that seemingly offers it all. From coffee makers and kettles to toasters and beyond, the English label, which was founded in 1952, is essentially a one-stop-shop for all your kitchen needs. And it has stayed in business for over seven decades by offering sleek and simple, yet effective devices. This sentiment certainly applies to these battery-operated salt and pepper grinders, a set made of brushed stainless steel that offers both fine and coarse flakes.

Buy Now on Amazon: $39

Zirocc Gravity Electric Salt and Pepper Grinders

Unlike the aforementioned brands, Zirocc offers a single product: the Gravity electric salt and pepper grinder set. And as its name suggests, the device certainly has a Space Age vibe. The silhouette alone is reminiscent of the rocket ships in our favorite flicks but factor in the blue LED lights atop the grinder, which will ensure landing accuracy, and you have something that’s figuratively out of this world. Though striking, the whole design is intended to help those that suffer from dexterity issues, allowing them to season their meals soundly.

Buy Now on Walmart: $34

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