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The Best Beard Scissors to Keep Your Facial Hair Looking Sharp

They'll make it a breeze to trim any stray hairs coming from your beard or mustache.

The Best Beard Scissors for Your Grooming Kit on Amazon Amazon

Maintaining a beard can be a drag. Contrary to what some may think, beards don’t always grow neatly or evenly. And because of that,  if you want to keep your facial hair looking sharp, you’ll need a good pair of beard scissors.

Unless you want to look like a mountain man, you may need to spend some time and effort getting your beard looking just right. But a good pair of scissors will help immensely, especially if the growth on your cheeks has outgrown the largest guard on your beard trimmer. When it comes to picking out your scissors, you’ll want to look for a pair that is lightweight, ergonomic and, most importantly, razor-sharp, so they get that stray hair with one snip. And if they have an aesthetic that works with the rest of your grooming kit, that’s even better.

If you already have a beard or are thinking about growing one, you’ll want to invest in pair of beard scissors. Here are some of the best pairs currently available on Amazon.

1. Suvorna Beard & Mustache Trimming Scissors

Whether you need a new pair of beard scissors and are looking to upgrade or you’ve never owned a pair before, it’s hard to surpass this set from Suvorna. Not only do they look great, thanks to a gold finger rest and adjustment screw, but they’re also precise and razor-sharp. This is due in no small part to the fact that the micro-serrated blades are made from polished Japanese steel. What more could you ask for?

Suvorna Beard & Mustache Trimming Scissors


Suvorna Beard & Mustache Trimming Scissors: $24.95

2. Utopia Care Curved and Rounded Facial Hair Scissors

There’s nothing fancy about Utopia Care’s set of facial hair scissors, but that’s part of the charm. The kit comes with two pairs of scissors featuring different tip styles—curved and rounded—so you can use them for any kind of facial hair trimming you may need. This makes the set as adept as dealing with your beard and mustache as it is your eyebrows and nose hair.

Utopia Care Curved and Rounded Facial Hair Scissors for Men


Utopia Care Curved and Rounded Facial Hair…: $6.99

3. 3 Swords Germany Beard Scissors

If you’ve been managing fine without a pair of beard scissors but are interested in what they can do for your grooming routine, look no further than this pair from 3 Swords Germany. They’re not the best-looking pair of scissors, but they’ll make trimming your facial hair a breeze. They also come with their own carrying case, so you can easily toss them in a travel kit if needed.

3 Swords Germany Beard Scissors


3 Swords Germany Beard Scissors: $13.95

4. Ontaki Beard Scissors

Beard scissors tend to look the same and with good reason. But Ontaki’s gorgeous pair of black scissors have an elegant design that stands out. Of course, they’re not just stylish, they’re also effective. The ultra-sharp, hand-forged German steel blade will cut through any stray beard hairs with ease. Rounding out the package is an equally head-turning leather carry case.

Ontaki Beard Scissors


Ontaki Beard Scissors: $14.99

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