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The Best Bell Cloches for Showcasing Your Sweets

These pieces are the answer to storing (and displaying) delicate confections.

bell cloche amazon Courtesy of Jessica Knowlden/Unsplash

Great desserts are enticing for all the senses, even sight. Who doesn’t love gazing at piles of fresh, tender cookies or a perfectly frosted cake? But more often than not, those treats get shoved into generic storage containers that just don’t seem to do them justice. Thankfully, there’s a better way: bell cloches.

An elegant throwback most people probably associate with images of ’50s home life, bell cloches were once common kitchen paraphernalia that doubled as decoration. The style typically consists of a flat bottom and a fitted glass dome to keep air out, while allowing whatever’s stored within to be easily accessible. Not only do these cloches showcase your confections, they are just as capable of keeping sweets fresh as more contemporary options.

Finding the right one can be difficult since the smallest details can make a world of difference. Here are our top picks for bell cloches on Amazon.

1. Plymor Glass Dome Cloche

Measuring 8 inches wide and 8 inches high, Plymor’s cloche is made from top-of-the-line materials exemplified by its oak-veneered base and hand-blown glass dome. The interior space is a full 7.75 inches wide meaning it can accommodate everything from small cakes to cupcakes.

Pros: This model is functional and simple enough to suit any kitchen decor.

Cons: It doesn’t come with a handle, so you’ll have to remove the top with both hands.

Plymor glass bell cloche

Courtesy of Amazon  Amazon

Plymor Glass Dome Cloche: $99.02

2. Moonlear Glass Cloche Bell Jar

Moonlear’s glass cloche is crafted with a solid pine wood base that measures 7 inches in diameter and a 10-inch glass dome. Its slender proportions are ideal for neatly stacking lemon bars or crisp cookies on your kitchen counter. Who doesn’t love looking at a pile of sweets? 

Pros: The tall profile makes for an impressive display of treats.

Cons: Its somewhat narrower than other models, so expect to stack your sweets.

Moonlear bell cloche

Courtesy of Amazon  Amazon

Moonlear Glass Cloche Bell Jar: $34.99

3. Kota Japan Dessert Plate

Need a dessert plate to match your counter? Well, if yours happens to be marble, then Kota Japan’s model might be for you. Even if your kitchen isn’t outfitted with stone, the spacious marble base––which measures 11.5 inches wide––goes with everything. Plus, the clear dome has a convenient handle to avoid smudging the glass along the sides.

Pros: Elegant materials mean it will never go out of style.

Cons: Its generous diameter might be too large for smaller spaces.

Kota Japan dessert plate

Courtesy of Amazon  Amazon

Kota Japan Dessert Plate:

4. ARTLAND Oasis Glass Cloche

With a base just over eight inches wide and a dome just over 10 inches high, ARTLAND’s Oasis cloche can suit a range of delicate confections. The slightly narrow glass dome has a subtle handle to lift it off and replace it with ease, fitting snuggly into a galvanized steel base. Its rich texture and color variation add charm to any setting. 

Pros: The domed lid has a useful knob handle, so it’s easy to remove.

Cons: The rustic, industrial-style base might not be the right fit for everyone.

ARTLAND oasis glass cloche

Courtesy of Amazon  Amazon

ARTLAND Oasis Glass Cloche: $61.99

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