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The Best Black Tea for When Coffee Won’t Do

A classic beverage enjoyed by cultures across the globe.

best black tea amazon Courtesy of Matt Seymour/Unsplash

Tea is just tea, right? Well, not quite. Tea leaves come in countless varieties and are sourced from places scattered all around the globe, each one with distinct flavor profiles and characteristics. One of the most classic types is black tea. More heavily oxidized than its lighter relatives, black tea also generally has a much stronger flavor, which it retains better than green tea, for example.

Though its leaves may look inky black in their container, the tea they produce actually has a deep reddish amber color that is rich in antioxidants. It has been a staple of countless cultures for centuries and it remains the beverage of choice for many.

But as with all so seemingly simple, finding the very best is an incredibly complex task. To make your search a little easier, we’ve taken the liberty of discerning the four best kinds of black tea available on Amazon.

1. Twinings of London English Breakfast Black Tea

At this point, Twinings is synonymous with tea as the staple purveyor has been an expert in the stuff since 1706. Containing a generous 100 packets of rich black tea, this is an English Breakfast variety identified by its smooth yet robust flavor that’s perfect for accompanying eggs and bacon during the first meal of the day. Over its literally hundreds of years of experience, the company has developed key relationships with the world’s top tea producers ensuring every tin bearing their name meets a high standard of quality. This blend was created by mixing leaves from five different regions to achieve the best flavor.

Twinings of London English Breakfast Black Tea

Courtesy of Amazon

Twinings of London English Breakfast Black Tea: $11.42

2. Davidson’s English Breakfast Tea

Because tea is sourced from far-flung locales, it can be difficult to discern what conditions it was grown under. Thankfully, Davidson’s pack is certified as organic by the USDA so drinkers can feel confident no potentially harmful pesticides were used in the growing process. This caffeinated batch is loose leaf tea so you’ll require an additional strainer or special steeper when you prepare your next teapot. However, the flavor is significantly richer and more complex than most varieties prepared in individual satchels. Simply add one to two teaspoons per cup to hot water and you’re ready to enjoy.

Davidson's English Breakfast Tea

Courtesy of Amazon

Davidson's English Breakfast Tea: $15.00

3. The Republic Of Tea Blackberry Sage Black Tea

One of the most elegant and multifaceted blends on our list, this example infuses classic black tea with fruits and herbs to create a flavor that is gently sweet. Its flavor is so good that this blend is a customer favorite and among the label’s best-selling varieties. Its refreshing characteristics make it a prime candidate for brewing into a pitcher of iced tea. With an eye toward environmental health, every tea bag is made without tags, strings or staples to reduce as much waste as possible. The efforts are so effective they prevent over 7,000 miles of string and 159 million paper tags from entering landfills every day.

The Republic Of Tea Blackberry Sage Black Tea

Courtesy of Amazon

The Republic Of Tea Blackberry Sage Black Tea: $12.99

4. Teavana Earl Grey Crème Black Tea

Teavana has become a major player in the tea game thanks to its unique blends that offer novel flavor combinations and this example is no exception. Created with a base of black tea and infused with warm vanilla and lavender notes, it is an incredibly soothing blend, though it should be noted that it does contain a hearty amount of caffeine as well. As part of its efforts to source the best tea leaves cultivates by humane means, the company is partnering with local communities and growers using sustainable farming practices. All of this means that the tea is the very best and you can feel good about drinking it knowing how it was cultivated.

Teavana Earl Grey Crème Black Tea

Courtesy of Amazon

Teavana Earl Grey Crème Black Tea: $34.99

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