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The Best Bocce Ball Sets for Your Next Garden Party

The classic lawn game is a great way to bring friends together.

Hey! Play! Bocce Set Amazon

Bocce is a beloved pastime that stretches all the way back to ancient Egypt. While the basic principles of the game have seldom changed—why mess with a classic?—the equipment has evolved to meet modern design standards. Nowadays, there is a myriad of bocce ball sets on the market that you can roll out at your next garden party for a bit of extra fun.

Most sets comprise eight large balls (bocce) and one small white ball (pallino). This enables anywhere from two to eight players to participate in the game at a time. The bocce balls feature special colors or engraved patterns that will allow you to discern which balls belong to whom. Some sets also include a measuring tape, so you can accurately work out which bocce is closest to the pallino. Hey, we all have that one competitive friend.

Here, four of the best bocce ball sets currently available on Amazon.


1. Ropoda Bocce Ball Set

Designed for serious bocce players, Ropoda’s set has everything you need for a fair and fun game. Built to regulation size, the eight bocce balls measure 3.5 inches while the pallino spans 1.6 inches. The balls are also crafted from durable resin that withstands play on pretty much any surface and will stay looking new long term. This set includes a measuring rope to help you work out who wins, along with a carrying case that allows you to easily transport and store your bocce balls. It’s the perfect addition to any garden party or holiday.

Ropoda Bocce Set


Ropoda Bocce Ball Set: $39.99

2. GoSports Backyard Bocce Sets

Like our top pick, this bocce set by GoSports has it all. Housed in a chic canvas bag, it comprises eight bocce balls and one pallino that are all built to regulation size. This set is also made from premium resin for added durability. The main point of difference, however, pertains to the finish. These bocce balls sport a high-gloss coating that helps them stand out for all the right reasons. Naturally, this set is best played on a manicured lawn for even more contrast.

Go Sports Bocce Set


GoSports Backyard Bocce Sets: $39.99

3. Hey! Play! Bocce Ball Set

Unlike the other sets on this list, Hey! Play!’s bocce balls feature two different colors rather than four. This means the set is suitable for two players and a great game to roll out on a date. Crafted from high-quality resin, the eight bocce balls measure 3.5 inches each and sport two different scoring patterns along with either a green or red hue. You can play with this set on a variety of outdoor surfaces, from sand to grass, without fear of any damage.

Hey! Play! Bocce Set


Hey! Play! Bocce Ball Set: $32.95

4. Franklin Sports Bocce Ball Set

This bocce set by Franklin Sports is an outlier on this list as it’s the only one to feature plastic construction rather than resin. While this makes the bocce balls a little less durable, they’re great for more casual play or those who are new to the game. The eight balls are still the same regulation size and have a good weight to them. They’re also weatherproof and fit for use at the beach, park or playground.

Franklin Bocce Set


Franklin Sports Bocce Ball Set: $29.99

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