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The Best Caffeine-Free Teas for Morning, Noon and Night

All the soothing properties with none of the caffeine buzz.

best decaf tea amazon Courtesy of Manki Kim/Unsplash

There’s no question a hot cup of tea is soothing—at least at first sip. But most tea is naturally high in caffeine and it’s not uncommon to get the kind of energy jolt you might expect from a cup of coffee—not ideal if you’re looking to wind down for the evening or maybe just don’t react well to the natural stimulant. For your safest bet, go with caffeine-free varieties.

Now there’s no one route to get to caffeine-free tea. Some, like jasmine or chamomile, are made from plants that naturally do not contain any of the heart-racing substance. But even traditionally caffeine-heavy options like green tea can be treated to remove the unwanted booster. The options are practically endless and can suit nearly every palette.

If you’re looking to flesh out your collection of fine tea, try picking an option from our list of the best caffeine-free styles available on Amazon.

1. Harney & Sons Decaffeinated Black Tea

Harney & Sons has been providing premium teas for decades so we’re not surprised that even its decaf varieties are the best around. This Ceylon is a rich black tea with tremendous depth of flavor but all the caffeine removed. Coming in a pack of 50 bags, this generous pack is the ideal choice for avid tea drinkers who tend to use many bags in a short period of time. And given its classic nature, it’s sure to disappear quickly. Try enjoying a cup with a splash of milk and a dollop of honey to get the full experience.

Harney & Sons Black Tea

Courtesy of Amazon

Harney & Sons Decaffeinated Black Tea: $12.99

2. Taylors of Harrogate Decaffeinated Breakfast Tea

If you’re a fan of English Breakfast tea, look no further. Taylors has been producing the stuff since 1886 and its signature blend is a light and refreshing style composed from a variety of fine African teas. Not wanting to strip away any of this natural flavor or cause potential harm to the drinker, the company has opted to use the carbon dioxide method of decaffeination that only uses natural elements to remove the jitter-inducing stuff. Simply add one tea bag to boiling water and allow it to steep for five to six minutes and (with a splash of milk or lemon) you’re ready to enjoy one fine brew.

Taylors of Harrogate Decaffeinated Breakfast Tea

Courtesy of Amazon

Taylors of Harrogate Decaffeinated Breakfast Tea: $10.66

3. Tazo Herbal Citrus Tea Bags

Tazo is one of the biggest names in tea for its consistently high quality and superb blends. This particular example is an herbal variety that is naturally caffeine-free, but it has more than enough flavor to satisfy any drinker. Infused with a rich combination of orange peel, citrus herbs, lemongrass and licorice root, it is among the brightest and most refreshing selections on our list. Though it’s a great candidate for drinking all on its own, it is also a welcome choice for brewing a novel citrus ice tea perfect for parties and other gatherings.

Tazo Herbal Citrus Tea Bags

Courtesy of Amazon

Tazo Herbal Citrus Tea Bags: $3.78

4. Yogi Soothing Caramel Bedtime Tea

Preparing for bed, especially during the hectic workweek, can be a stressful process. That’s precisely why you need something to unwind. This special blend from Yogi was designed to do just that. Caffeine-free with a warm caramel-like flavor, its primary ingredient is chamomile, which has been used for centuries to calm nerves. Its potent effects make it a great choice for sipping on before slipping under the covers or when you’re not feeling your best. Organic and Non-GMO Project-certified, everything about this tea will set you at ease.

Yogi Soothing Caramel Bedtime Tea

Courtesy of Amazon

Yogi Soothing Caramel Bedtime Tea: $12.00

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