The Best Callus Removers for Making Your Feet Look and Feel Their Best

Say goodbye to cracked heels.

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No matter what level of activity your lifestyle may entail, most of us are bound to get a callus or two along the way. If you’re a runner or an athlete of any kind, that probability increases dramatically. And let’s be honest, though they’re the body’s response to repeated stress in a specific area, they aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing. The next time you’re treating yourself to some proper grooming time, break out a callus remover to tackle yours.

As is the case with many cosmetic products, callus removers come in many different forms. Some are creams that chemically slough the excess dead skin away while others are small rotary machines that essentially sand away the rough edges to reveal the soft skin beneath. All of them work well, it’s simply a matter of deciding which one suits your lifestyle and budget best.

To ensure you’re on the right path, we’ve selected four of our top favorite callus removers available on Amazon.


1. Own Harmony Electric Callus Remover

If you’re looking to give yourself a spa-level pedicure at home, this device is the answer. Cordless and rechargeable, the handheld tool has an ergonomic body for an easy grasp and a rotary abrasive on one end to effortlessly slough away calluses. Though effective at tackling the toughest cracked heels, the abrasive remains gentle enough so as not to damage skin any further. And spinning at 2,000 rotations per minute means that any job you use it for will fly by in a flash. It’s even splash-proof so it can be quickly rinsed during or after use.

Own Harmony Electric Callus Remover

Courtesy of Amazon

Own Harmony Electric Callus Remover: $29.99

2. Rikans Colossal Foot Rasp

Similar to the rotary version on our list, this model has a simple construction that uses fine grates to quickly shave away any unwanted calluses. Made from surgical-grade stainless steel, it covers a wide swath of skin at once so as to be time-efficient and can be used on both wet and dry skin—perfect for before or after the shower. But despite its generous size, it remains lightweight to prevent your wrist from getting fatigued while you file away. After your work is complete and it’s freshly cleaned, simply place it into the branded sleeve it comes with before storing it neatly away.

Rikans Colossal Foot Rasp

Courtesy of Amazon

Rikans Colossal Foot Rasp: $9.95

3. PurSources Urea Foot Cream

This callus remover is unlike any of the others on our list because it comes in a powerful cream form. This pleasantly hydrating formula contains 40 percent urea, a naturally-occurring part of our skin that draws in moisture but also doubles as an exfoliant at high concentrations. This is what allows it to chemically remove any hard or rough patches of skin without doing damage to the flesh around them. In fact, it reduces inflammation and calms everywhere. But if you want something more aggressive, you can break out the free handheld pumice file the brand includes with it.

PurSources Urea Foot Cream

Courtesy of Amazon

PurSources Urea Foot Cream: $13.59

4. Pumice Valley Pumice Stone

Lava rocks have been used for centuries to smooth and exfoliate skin. The totally natural product is simple, effective and essentially lasts forever without concern for replacement. Though it’s great for filing down heels when giving yourself a pedicure, it also works brilliantly to soften elbows, palms and other portions of your feet. Carved to fit securely in the average grasp, its texture ensures it’s easy to hold onto even when wet in the bath or shower. And, to make storage more convenient, this one comes strung with a fine rope so it can be hung from a hook.

Pumice Valley Pumice Stone

Courtesy of Amazon

Pumice Valley Pumice Stone: $9.97

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