The Best Cellular Trail Cameras for Capturing Animals in the Wild

Get photos without ever being seen.

Spypoint Solar Cellular Trail Camera Amazon

Are you ready to unleash your inner David Attenborough and get into making nature documentaries? Or perhaps shoot some wildlife snaps that are worthy of National Geographic? Then it’s time to invest in a trail camera. These nifty devices allow you to remotely capture footage and stills of animals in settings that would otherwise be ruined by the snap of a shutter.

So, how do they work? Trail cameras are typically fitted with sensors that detect movement and prompt the device to take a series of photographs or videos. They may also be set up to capture timelapse footage if you want to get extra arty. The very best models shoot in high def—Sir David would expect no less—and feature cellular connectivity. This means your material can be sent directly to your phone and perused via an app.

The cameras are also usually waterproof and equipped with night vision, which means you are able to capture wildlife rain, hail or storm. To help you pick the perfect on-field partner, we’ve selected four of the top cellular trail cameras available on Amazon. Happy snapping.

1. Creative XP 4G Cellular Trail Camera

Trail cameras don’t come much tougher than Creative XP’s model. It’s resistant to ice, rain, mud and snow which means it can be used in the harshest weather conditions. The camera itself can capture full HD 1080P footage or 12MP photos during day or night time. It also has a motion-activated sensor and a quick 0.35-sec trigger that can capture up to five photos or videos per trigger. Thanks to the 4G LTE cellular connectivity, you will also receive your captured material in real-time.

Creative XP 4G Cellular Trail Camera


Creative XP 4G Cellular Trail Camera: $275.22

2. Covert Cellular Trail Camera

Designed for tech-savvy wildlife photographers, Covert’s trail camera has its own dedicated app which allows you to view images, manage settings, grant access and even interact with the device all via your smartphone. The camera delivers crisp 1080P videos and 32MP images either day or night. Plus, it has a quick 0.4-second trigger, as well as a 100-foot flash and detection range to make sure you never miss that perfect shot. It also comes with a tripod stand if you’d rather not strap your camera to a tree.

Covert Cellular Trail Camera


Covert Cellular Trail Camera: $281.09

3. Browning Defender Cellular Trail Camera

If you’ve got a literal need for speed, opt for Browning’s trail camera. It boasts a lightning-quick trigger speed of just 0.22 seconds. It also has a 120-foot flash range and an 80-foot motion detection range. This means you are able to capture even the most elusive animals. It can shoot both day and night and produces 18MP photos as well as high def video. Like the top other models on our list, this camera comes with a 32GB memory card so you won’t run out of space.

Browning Defender Cellular Trail Camera


Browning Defender Cellular Trail Camera: $199.99

4. Spypoint Solar Cellular Trail Camera

Some trail cameras can churn through the batteries, but not Spypoint’s model. It’s fitted with an integrated solar panel along with rechargeable lithium batteries. This means the camera is not only more environmentally friendly, it’ll also save you the money you would’ve spent on batteries. It’s not the crispest camera on the market, shooting in 480P and delivering 10MP images. It also has a slower trigger speed than some other models at 0.4 seconds. Still, it offers an 80-foot detection range and is a great camera for beginners.

Spypoint Solar Cellular Trail Camera


Spypoint Solar Cellular Trail Camera: $189.99

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