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The Best Ceramic Knives to Slice Through Tough Foods With Ease

You may never go back to stainless steel again.

ceramic knife Courtesy of Andrey Kuzmin/Shutterstock

We’ve all gotten used to stainless-steel knives. Frankly, the trusty gray material is pretty much the standard no matter how cheap or extravagant your model of choice may be—but it is not the only option. Ceramic blades have gained more and more traction in recent years, and we’ve grown partial to the novel material ourselves.

So what exactly are the advantages of these alabaster alternatives? As odd as it may sound, ceramic is significantly harder than stainless steel, meaning that, despite the delicate-sounding name, ceramic blades are not only better at slicing through certain foods; they also retain their sharp edges for longer. An despite steel’s stainless moniker, some examples can rust or otherwise discolor. Ceramic will not. To top it all off, the material is substantially lighter than its metal counterpart, making for effortless dicing.

We’ve sorted through all the models available on Amazon to bring you the four options that are a cut above the competition.

1. Kyocera Revolution Knife Set

Part of the brand’s most popular lines of ceramic knives, these slick models come with comfortable ergonomic handles and beautifully curved blades that can slice through just about anything. The santoku measures a versatile 5.5 inches while the 3-inch paring knife is great for detail work or cutting up small foods. Unlike examples made from metal, these will not rust over time and are even resistant to the natural acids found in fruits. Fashioned from a proprietary zirconia from Japan, the blades are expected to keep their razor-sharp edges up to 10 times as long as more traditional blades. Though a great everyday option, they are not advised for use with frozen foods.

Kyocera Revolution Knife Set

Courtesy of Amazon

Kyocera Revolution Knife Set: $35.60

2. IMORI Advanced Ceramics Chef Knife

If you could only have one kitchen knife, it would have to be an 8-inch chef’s knife for its sheer versatility. IMORI’s model is brilliantly designed with a classic silhouette that tapers gently toward the tip and is expertly balanced in the hand for safety and efficiency. Speaking of safety, it has a rounded back edge corner to protect your fingers while you work and an ergonomic, textured non-slip handle so you can slice confidently even when preparing slippery foods like fish. Made from advanced, non-porous ceramic, this model is especially hygienic and doesn’t transfer flavor or odor to other foods as a result.

IMORI Advanced Ceramics Chef Knife

Courtesy of Amazon

IMORI Advanced Ceramics Chef Knife:

3. Vos Ceramic Chef Knife

Vos’s knife is an ultra-lightweight blade. Crafted from special Japanese ceramic that is both slender and tough, the brand claims it can retain its insanely sharp cutting edge up to 15 times longer than traditional steel models. Its material also means that you can work with it at length without fear of fatigue, something aided by the bright ergonomic non-slip handle that provides a secure grip. The non-porous material means that, like the other models that made it onto our list, this one is rust-proof and won’t transfer odors or flavors between different foods. Use this nimble blade when you have to make quick work of a mountain of vegetables.

Vos Ceramic Chef Knife

Courtesy of Amazon

Vos Ceramic Chef Knife: $24.97

4. Shenzhen Knives Kitchen Ceramic Knife Set

Curating a selection of great knives for your kitchen can be a challenge. Luckily, this set comes with three spectacular options of various sizes to meet most household cooking needs. Lighter, harder and sharper than stainless-steel variants, they also have specially engineered comfort grip handles that help you safely transfer force as you cleave through meat and produce. Unlike the other examples on our list, these blades have a slightly silver tone to them, which looks great and may better blend in with other knives you already have in your collection.

Shenzhen Knives Kitchen Ceramic Knife Set

Courtesy of Amazon

Shenzhen Knives Kitchen Ceramic Knife Set: $21.99

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