The Best Charcoal Fire Pits for Warming Up Your Backyard

A great addition to any outdoor space.

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There’s nothing quite like sitting outside in front of a crackling fire pit. Not only is just plain relaxing to watch but throw in a few hotdogs (or some smores for those with a sweet tooth) and you also have an outdoor treat to make your inner caveman proud.

The idea of a fire pit is simple enough, but the details have infinite variety. What shape is it?  Does it come with a lid or other covering? How much space does it occupy? All are important points to consider when deciding which model is the one you’d most like to tell stories around while munching a well-charred Frankfurter.

To make things a little easier, we’ve scoured Amazon to find our top four models that have the total package. Pick any one of them and you’ll be enjoying your outdoor space in a whole new way.


1. FDW Outdoor Fire Pit

Made from sturdy metal, this pit has an angular square silhouette with a handsome stone pattern molded into the top. Not only is it capable of burning wood, but it also comes equipped with a charcoal grate for those times when you’d prefer coals instead. Its generous basin measures 32 inches long by 32 inches wide by 14 inches high, so it can accommodate plenty of fuel to support a fire. Great for entertaining outdoors, it makes for an ideal gathering place during backyard barbecues and other festive gatherings. It comes complete with a fine mesh lid so you won’t have to worry about dangerous embers.

FDW Outdoor Fire Pit

Courtesy of Amazon

FDW Outdoor Fire Pit: $81.99

2. Peaktop Round Steel Fire Pit

Built for both charcoal and wood burning, this round fire pit has a diamond-patterned exterior lined with fine mesh so any blaze can get maximum circulation. Its shape makes it ideal for decks or patios where space is limited but its basin, which measures 29.5 inches long by 29.5 inches wide by 24.4 inches high, still holds plenty of material. For added safety, it has a ring that runs around the exterior as a reminder not to get too close to the hot metal and a mesh lid to prevent unwanted embers from floating away in a gust of wind.

Peaktop Round Steel Fire Pit

Courtesy of Amazon

Peaktop Round Steel Fire Pit

3. VIVOHOME Patio Fire Pit Table

Constructed from heavy iron, this robust fire pit is built almost like a table with a ledge surrounding its basin which can hold either wood or charcoal. Every detail was considered to create the best fire possible. For example, the bottom of the basin has small holes to allow for additional airflow that’ll keep your fire roaring well into the night. It also comes equipped with a grill grate, so you can sear your best steaks while enjoying the open flame. What sets it apart from the other models mentioned on our list is it can also be filled with ice and act as a wine cooler during parties.

VIVOHOME Patio Fire Pit Table

Courtesy of Amazon

VIVOHOME Patio Fire Pit Table: $149.99

4. YAHEETECH Outdoor Metal Fire Pit

This sleek fire pit has an angular mesh lid to match its square base. If you’re looking to enjoy a traditional wood fire, this model has you covered. If, however, you want to employ the included grate and cook over a bed of white-hot charcoals, it’s just as capable of doing that. Its wide perimeter shelf is handy for resting cooking utensils or a fire poker to keep the flames going. Like one of the other models on our list, it can also act as an ice bucket for wine or canned soft drinks. And, when it’s not in use, simply pop over the waterproof cover to keep it in prime condition.

YAHEETECH Outdoor Metal Fire Pit

Courtesy of Amazon

YAHEETECH Outdoor Metal Fire Pit: $107.99

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