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The Best Cheese Boards for Your Next Dinner Party

These four boards are an excellent way to display your best fromage.

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Hosting a dinner party? You’ll want to make it an occasion that your guests will remember. Apart from the usual fixings—good wine, steak and ambiance, just to name a few—you’ll want to have a dynamic cheese board on deck.

But a cheese board is about more than just a top-notch selection of brie, parmesan and muenster. Form is just as important as function. A cheese board should be able to withstand any nicks from knives, as you and your guests will be cutting food on it. But it also needs to serve as a tasteful display for your fromage, crackers and charcuterie.

Of course, different cheese boards will suit different hosts. Some will prefer a larger board that can accommodate large get-togethers, while others might opt for a smaller model that can be easily stored away. Here are four of the best cheese boards out there—one of which will surely be a fit for your next gathering.


1. Shanik Cheese Board

Shanik’s set comes with a bevy of tools that will help make your cheese board really pop. Among them is a steel cutlery set with ceramic handles, three bowls for holding nuts, olives and crackers and a marble tray that comes in either white or black. The board itself is made of acacia wood, which is a sturdy material that will make the utensil last. The many utensils can all be easily stored in the board’s slide-away drawer. It’s great for gatherings where you’ll have a wide variety of different snacks, but for those who just want space to show off their large collection of cheese, the surface area may leave something to be desired.

Shanik Cheese Board


Shanik Cheese Board: $69.99

2. Bambüsi Cheese Board and Knife Set

This cheese board from Bambüsi looks simple enough at first glance. It has a compartment, however, that slides out and holds four different stainless-steel cheese utensils—the ideal tools for any charcuterie board that you’ll be assembling. The grooves along the perimeter are meant to hold nuts or crackers, while the center can be stocked with cured meats or cheeses. The board is made out of bamboo, a material that’s great for cheese boards as it’s porous, so it doesn’t stain or absorb odors. It does mean, however, that you’ll have to wash the board by hand.

Bambüsi Cheese Board and Knife Set


Bambüsi Cheese Board and Knife Set: $39.99

3. Picnic at Ascot Cheese/Charcuterie Board

Cheese boards, while undoubtedly a standout at any dinner party, can be a real pain to stow away. Picnic Ascot solves this conundrum with its board, which can be swiveled shut into a wedge shape for easy storage. Fully unfurled, it’s a tiered circle that’s 18 inches in diameter, so you’ll have plenty of space to store cheese and other snacks: Put your goat cheese on one ledge and your crackers and nuts on another. The only downside is that it comes with just three cheese tools, not four like many other boards.


Picnic at Ascot Cheese/Charcuterie Board


Picnic at Ascot Cheese/Charcuterie Board: $69.95

4. Dynamic Gear Cheese Board Set

If you like the look of a wooden cheese board but are concerned about where the lumber is coming from, then Dynamic Gear’s tablet is for you. The board is made of environmentally friendly natural bamboo. A slide out drawer stows four different cheese accoutrements—with bamboo handles of course—so you won’t have to stock your own. This is a cheese board that’s best suited for smaller gatherings, though, as the grooves around the edge are great for stashing crackers, but leave less room for cheese at the board’s center.

Dynamic Gear Cheese Board Set


Dynamic Gear Cheese Board Set: $39.99

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