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The Best Cheesecloths for All Your Straining and Separating Needs

Make your own cheese curds, jams, beer and more with these straining cloths.

Bet Cheesecloth Amazon Courtesy Amazon

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that are the most useful—and that certainly applies to the cheesecloth. This thin, mesh-like swath of cotton comes in handy not just for crafting homemade cheese, but also for bundling herbs, straining stocks and jams, basting turkeys, dusting a cake and more.

Though unbleached cotton is the preferred material for this kitchen tool, cheesecloths are available in different weights and gages. Some models come pre-cut, while other brands sell the material by the yard, so you can snip off as much as you need for a particular job. The straining cloths are most commonly used in cooking—it gets its name for its role in separating whey from cheese curds—but the material can also be used for household cleaning, covering plants, making costumes and other jobs.

So whether you need something to catch the seeds when you squeeze a lemon or are trying to re-create a spiderweb for your themed party, here are four of the best cheesecloths available on Amazon.

1. Regency Wraps Ultra Fine Cheesecloth

Made of all-natural, unbleached cotton, Regency’s cheesecloths are great for jobs both in the kitchen and out. The tightly-woven, ultra-fine mesh and slightly heavier weight help the cloths catch even the tiniest of particles, whether you’re making your own nut milk or basting a dish with wine. Because the cloth repels lint, it’s also great for cleaning mirrors—and even detailing cars. Regency offers the cloths in packs of two or more, with each piece good for a single use.

Regency cheesecloth

Courtesy Amazon

Regency Wraps Ultra Fine Cheesecloth: $6.94

2. Beyond Gourmet Extra-Fine Cheesecloth

Need to steep the loose tea you just got as a gift, or thicken that Greek yogurt in the fridge? With these cheesecloths made of unbleached, chlorine- and lint-free cotton, you can do that and more. The material’s fine gage encourages airflow, making it great for use in any fermenting projects like crafting homemade beer or kombucha. It’s also easy to remove from around a parcel of cooked herbs and spices before you serve the finished dish. Best of all, these cloths can be washed and re-used for other recipes—so get those cookbooks out.

Beyond Gourmet cheescloth

Courtesy Amazon

Beyond Gourmet Extra-Fine Cheesecloth: $5.35

3. Sceng Ultra Fine Cheesecloth

Sold as a one-by-four-yard swath of unbleached, lint-free pure cotton, this option allows you to cut pieces as you need them, which is both convenient and helps cut down on waste. Further on the eco-friendly front, the Grade 90 cheesecloth is a heavier version that can washed and reused. Snip of a small piece to bundle spices or squeeze citrus, or use a larger piece for straining your own nut milk or polishing furniture.

Sceng cheesecloth

Courtesy Amazon

Sceng Ultra Fine Cheesecloth: $10.49

4. Olicity Ultra Fine Cheesecloth

There’s enough cheesecloth here to craft a convincing ghost costume—and have enough left over to poach some fish or make your own wine. Sold as a five-yard bolt, Olicity’s cheesecloth is made from pure unbleached and undyed natural cotton. The high Grade 90 designation means it’s both durable and versatile, and can be washed and reused multiple times. Whether you’re using it for cooking or cleaning, this option will trap and keep out impurities.

Olicity cheesecloth

Courtesy Amazon

Olicity Ultra Fine Cheesecloth: $10.99

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