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The Best Chestnut Knives to Crack or Score the Toughest Shells

These specialty chestnut knives are an essential kitchen tool and they make opening tough shells a cinch.

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There’s nothing quite like the buttery flavor of roasted chestnuts—whether used in gravy, a rich stuffing or enjoyed as a snack on their own. But don’t let the tender end results fool you: These nuts are literally tough to crack. Covered in a spiky capsule that’s sharp to the touch, chestnuts are surrounded by a tough husk that traps steam as they cook. That steam can cause them to burst—that is, unless you have a chestnut knife.

Featuring a simple handle, chestnut knives are typified by a short, curved blade that effortlessly scores an “X” across the exterior of a shell to let moisture escape. The same implement makes cracking open the cooked treats just as easy. And that’s no small task, as the seasonal treats are usually only enjoyed for a short time of year in the fall and winter.

We’ve combed Amazon to find the best chestnut knives the online superstore has offer. Here are our top four picks.

1. Lamson Chestnut Knife

Lamson’s chestnut knife is a classic. It isn’t fancy, but it is well-built with a sturdy, riveted wood handle to make quick movements secure while the hardened and tempered high-carbon stainless steel blade easily opens up tough shells. Plus, the classic, vintage-inspired design will never go out of culinary style.

Pros: As simple and functional as they come.

Cons: The wooden handle might require a bit more care when cleaning.

Lamson Chestnut Knife

Courtesy of Amazon  Amazon

Lamson Chestnut Knife: $21.99

2. Protable Nutcracker and Chestnut Clip

Designed like a clamp, Protable’s nutcracker and chestnut clip is made from stainless steel. Its special hopper cradles the nut on one end while the other scores it perfectly. Its thick handles offer superior grip for when shells prove especially tough, not to mention more leverage than a blade would.

Pros: The design eliminates the need to handle a blade.

Cons: The handles might not be comfortable for every user.

Protable Nutcracker and Chestnut Clip

Courtesy of Amazon  Amazon

Protable Nutcracker and Chestnut Clip: $5.59

3. Quiron Nut Cracker

Ergonomic and sturdy, this deluxe nutcracker and chestnut clip is forged from quality aluminum. The unique design allows for more leverage than other models on the market, meaning it does the work for you. Sharp cross-blades rapidly score a chestnut or crack other nuts completely.

Pros: A multifunctional unit that can be used on just about any nut.

Cons: Not every user may need or want to use the additional picks included.

Best Chestnut Knives Amazon

Courtesy of Amazon 

Quiron Nut Cracker: $11.99

4. Iceoreal Nutcracker and Chestnut Clip

Made from food-grade stainless steel, Iceoreal’s nutcracker is as multifunctional as they come. Serrated cross-blades get a secure grip on any nut and neatly score precious chestnuts so they cook in ideal conditions. Though made with wide handles, it’s a bit narrower and shorter than some of the other models, meaning it might not be suited for every user.

Pros: Its stainless steel construction is resistant to corrosion.

Cons: Some users might prefer a more specialized tool.

Iceoreal Nutcracker and Chestnut Clip

Courtesy of Amazon  Amazon

Iceoreal Nutcracker and Chestnut Clip:

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