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The Best Citronella Candles to Keep Bugs and Mosquitos Away From Your Backyard

Repel pesky uninvited guests in style.

La Jolie Muse Citronella Candle Amazon

There are few things that kill a mood quite like mosquitos. While these bugs may be small, they possess the power to truly ruin your outdoor soirée as their bites will leave your guests feeling itchy and irritated. Fortunately, these pesky, uninvited guests can be easily repelled with a citronella candle, or two.

As its moniker suggests, this type of candle is made from the essential oil taken from citronella grass. Citronella oil is a natural bug repellent and will stop mosquitos from entering areas surrounding the candle. This is ideal if you’d prefer not to use products that contain chemicals such as DEET. Citronella candles come in an array of different sizes and shapes, from tealights to large pillar designs. They generally have a pleasant smell and also help create ambiance with their flickering flames.

Here, four of the best citronella candle options available on Amazon that promise to keep you and your guests bite-free.

1. La Jolíe Muse Citronella Candle

La Jolíe Muse’s citronella candle burns the longest of all the candles on this list. It can stay lit and repel mosquitos for 50 hours straight, making it a great option for those longer al fresco dinners. Made using 100 percent natural citronella oil, the candle emits a refreshing fragrance to please the senses. It’s also housed in a stylish, floral tin that will add a touch of class to any table setting.

La Jolie Muse Citronella Candle


La Jolíe Muse Citronella Candle: $16.99

2. Candle Charisma Citronella Candles

Designed for entertainers, Candle Charisma’s pack features 72 citronella candles to ensure you always have one on hand during gatherings. Featuring a good whack of pure citronella oil—not that sub-par synthetic citronella scent—these small but mighty candles will keep those annoying mosquitos at bay for up to 10 hours. Each candle is a little bigger than a tea light, though still small enough that they won’t hog space. They also sport a yellow hue to further brighten up the mood.

Candle Charisma Citronella Candle


Candle Charisma Citronella Candles: $25.49

3. Hyoola Tealight Citronella Candles

When it comes to versatility, Hyoola’s citronella tealights deliver in spades. The small candles can be scattered across the table to deter more mosquitoes or placed inside a vase or lamp for added ambiance. Each candle has a burn time of approximately 4 hours and features real citronella oil. They also smell great and can be used indoors or outdoors.

Hyoola Citronella Candle


Hyoola Tealight Citronella Candles: $9.99

4. Cutter Citro Guard Candle

Cutter’s insect repellents have been protecting families from mosquitos for more than 50 years. While this citronella candle is not the most stylish, it will ensure you and your posse stay bite-free. It features real citronella oil and can burn for up to 30 hours. The silver bucket is super durable and can be left outdoors without worry.

Cutter Citronella Candle


Cutter Citro Guard Candle: $23.99

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