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The Best Cleansing Facial Brushes for Giving Your Skin a Deep Clean

Four electric brushes that will deliver clear and vibrant skin.

The Best Cleansing Facial Brushes on Amazon Amazon

One of the easiest ways to healthy skin is keeping it clean. Washing your face regularly helps, of course, but if you really want to get a deep clean you’ll need a cleansing facial brush.

The motor-operated device, which usually features either nylon or silicone bristles, uses vibrations to really get into your skin and deliver a deep clean. Though you want to be careful about over-cleansing your skin—as with so many things in life, moderation is key—the brush makes it easier to exfoliate and get to the healthy skin beneath the dead top layer. They all work basically the same, so when you pick one out you’ll want to consider factors like design, size and battery life.

If you’re looking to up your facial cleaning game, a cleansing brush is a wise investment. Here are four of the best currently available on Amazon.

1. XNUO Sonic Cleansing Facial Brush

Despite its compact size, XNUO’s cleansing facial brush is one of the more powerful you’ll find, able to vibrate at up to 8,000 rpm. It’s also one of the more versatile with 12 different settings. Combine this with its special W-Sonic vertical vibration technology and you’ll get the clean you want each time, no matter your skin type. It’s also waterproof so you can use it in the shower without worry.

XNUO Sonic Cleansing Facial Brush


2. Några Coola Sonic Cleansing Facial Brush

Cleansing facial brushes are supposed to make cleaning your face easier, and few are better at this than this cordless model from Några Coola. Simply wet your face, apply your cleanser of choice, and run the waterproof device over your skin for 90 seconds. Just like that, you’ll have skin that feels fresh and looks vibrant. Even better, it can be charged by simply plugging it into any free USB port.

Några Coola Sonic Cleansing Facial Brush


Några Coola Sonic Cleansing Facial Brush: $39.99

3. ROSEMI Silicone Cleansing Facial Brush

If there’s an issue with cleansing facial brushes is that they’re kind of big as far as beauty devices go. Rosemi’s model—which looks, naturally, like a rose—is about as compact as they come, though. The pod-like brush is also effective, with six different speed settings covering everything, from a gentle wash to a deep clean to exfoliation. Making the waterproof device even more attractive is the device’s dedicated charging cradle, which you’ll have no problem finding room for on your bathroom countertop.

ROSEMI Silicone Cleansing Facial Brush


ROSEMI Silicone Cleansing Facial Brush: $24.99

4. PIXNOR Cleansing Facial Brush

If you’re after a versatile cleansing facial brush, look no further than PIXNOR’s model. The company’s waterproof brush comes with seven different heads. Combine this with its two speed settings, and it’ll give you a thorough clean every time, no matter your skin type. It’s bigger than some of the options on this list, but we’re guessing you won’t mind.

PIXNOR Cleansing Facial Brush


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