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The Best Clip-On Fans to Keep You Cool All Day Long

Create a refreshing breeze anywhere with one of these nifty designs.

Best Clip On Fans Vornado

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There are certain situations in which a bit of a breeze would make a world of difference. But that’s not always convenient seeing as the weather is notoriously uncooperative and normal fans don’t often come in the size or configuration we need given our setup. If you’re having difficulty, try whipping out a clip-on fan.

As the name suggests, clip-on fans come built with a clamp that allows them to attach to unusual places, such as the edge of a desk, the frame of a treadmill or even a nightstand for those who tend to get overheated. This all allows for unparalleled control so you can direct a refreshing air current precisely where you want to without lugging around a heavy (and loud) fan of normal size. It’s an ideal addition to stuffy rooms or workout areas.

This means it’s time to get yourself one or more of the best clip-on fans below. 

Most Stylish Clip-On Fan 

Vornado PivotC Personal Air Circulator Clip-On Fan

Function is the primary characteristic to consider when looking for one of the best clip-on fans, but this doesn’t mean that you should forget about form. The folks at Vornado—purveyor of humidifiers, heaters, and just about everything that regulates temperature and airflow—certainly haven’t. Since the 1940s, the brand has been offering products that need not be tucked away when guests are coming over. Just take a look at this clip-on fan. With its cylindrical frame, unique curved blade design and a sleek base,  it’ll accent any room that it’s in. 

Size: 5.7 in x 5.9 in
Power source: Corded electric 

Buy Now on Amazon : $25

Buy Now on Vornado: $30

Most Reliable Clip-On Fan 

Opolar Rechargeable Battery Operated Clip-On Fan

There’s very little this small but mighty fan can’t do. Though it is perfectly capable of standing upright on a flat surface, its secure clamp gives it tremendous versatility of placement. Maybe you need a little breeze at your desk to help get you through the workday. This does the job. Perhaps some cool air would help you push a little harder while running on the treadmill. Try attaching this to the frame to give you an energy boost. Not only is its head maneuverable so you can direct the air however you’d like, but it is also battery-operated and rechargeable so you’ll never have to fuss with wires or cords.

Size: 8 in x 9.8 in
Power source: Rechargeable battery 

Buy Now on Walmart: $47

Best Clip-On Fan for Sleeping

SkyGenius Clip-On Mini Desk Fan

Getting through work while seated at your desk is often difficult enough as it is. But if your office is stuffy or you’re feeling a little extra sleepy, it’s all the worse. To keep yourself alert and as refreshed as possible, attach this powerful mini fan to your work station. Fully rechargeable, it has a nimble head that can rotate 360 degrees vertically and 270 degrees horizontally, but that’s not all. The center of its blades holds a small chamber where users can place essential oils to get a healthy dose of aromatherapy whenever they so desire.

Size: 5.7 in x 8.26 in
Power source: Rechargeable battery 

Buy Now on Amazon : $27

Most Powerful Clip-On Fan 

Hurricane Classic Clip Fan

As its moniker implies, Hurricane’s clip fan can produce a mighty blast of wind. The 6-inch design is fitted with a quiet yet powerful motor that can switch between two different speeds. At high, it churns out 2,350 rpm to keep you cool wherever you may be. The metal fan features a strong steel neck and hardwearing clip that allows you to easily mount it on your treadmill, desk or bedside table. It’s also the only design on this list to sport a white colorway—a little more subtle than jet black.

Size: 7.9 in x 11.9 in 
Power source: Corded electric 

Buy Now on Amazon : $24

Best Heavy-Duty Clip-Fan

Ryobi 18V ONE+ Clip-On Fan

Ryobi, a company noted for its selection of industrial power tools, has the goods that can withstand inclement weather, the hurdles around construction sites and any scenario that is less than ideal. Indeed, its collection of generators, lighting, power equipment and more, all cast in the brand’s signature lime green and black colorways, are as heavy-duty as it gets. Of course, Ryobi’s clip-fan, this one from its 8V ONE+ collection, fits the same bill. It features an incredibly durable clamp, multi-directional rotating head and customizable airflow, and runs on a battery that’ll last 40 hours. 

Size: 6.38 in x 9.77 in
Power source: Rechargeable battery

Buy Now on Home Depot: $60

Most Versatile Clip-On Fan 

Larktale Clip-On Stroller Fan 

Babies aren’t the only ones who need some cooling off from time to time. While this model may mention a stroller in its name, it isn’t only for infants. Rechargeable with long battery life (40 hours, to be precise), it can be attached to everything from a desk to the inside of your car for the days when regular air conditioning just won’t cut it. It has a 90-degree oscillation that can be achieved either automatically or manually so you can direct airflow as you see fit. 

Size: 8 in x 7 in
Power source: Rechargeable battery 

Buy Now on Rei: $50


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