The Best Coasters for (Literally) Elevating Your Favorite Drinks

Coasters are the true marker of any home bar. Make sure you have the best.

Thirstystone Desert Sand Coaster Courtesy of Amazon

We know you’ve put a lot of thought and planning into your home bar, but to ensure it’s truly top-notch, you need to pick the perfect set of coasters. A martini looks infinitely better when sitting on crystal or marble, and trust us: we eat (and drink) with the eyes first.

But it’s about more than mere aesthetics; coasters prevent drinks from damaging your furniture. It can be devastating to lift up one’s negroni only to find it’s left a wet mark behind on that delightful mahogany table. Worse still, if you commit that sin at someone else’s abode. Remember that episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm? You must respect the wood.

Of course, there are as many styles of coasters as there are types of tipples. From elegant crystal options to statement agate designs, here are four of our favorite sets of coasters on the market right now to complete your bar.

1. Thirstystone Desert Sand Coasters

This 4-inch sandstone coaster is one of the most absorbent designs on the market. Thanks to its porous composition, the sandstone is a naturally absorbent material. Thus, this coaster will soak up condensation—which, later, miraculously evaporates—and also serve as a barrier to heat, meaning it can stand in for a trivet when cocktail hour turns into dinnertime. With a natural finish, each coaster will carry a different gradient and look. The coasters also have a cork backing to prevent any scratches and to stop slippage.

Pros: The thick stone is durable, absorbent and works well with either hot or cold drinks.

Cons: The coasters themselves are rather heavy.

Thirstystone Desert Sand Coaster

Courtesy of Amazon  Amazon

Thirstystone Desert Sand Coasters: $17.79

2. Rablabs Azure Agate Coasters

It’s no wonder agate coasters are popular. They not only bring color and texture to your bar but may also bring good vibes; both the ancient Greeks and Romans praised agate for its energy-boosting qualities. But if that’s all a little too woo-woo, the 4.5-inch coasters just look cool. Hand-polished in Brazil, no two agate coasters are alike. This particular set is Azure blue with cyan accents and would look particularly good against dark wood.

Pros: The pop of color, obviously.

Cons: Next to no absorption.

Rablabs Azure Agate Coasters

Courtesy of Amazon  Amazon

Rablabs Azure Agate Coasters: $102.25

3. Waterford Crystal Wine Bottle Coaster

Waterford’s crystal barware is the epitome of class and sophistication and is renowned worldwide for its unsurpassed quality. While this is just one wine coaster, not four standard-sized coasters, it promises to add a touch of sparkle to every single bottle. At 5-inches wide, the coaster features stunning 16-star leaf cuts on the bottom and has a 1.5-inch lip to catch any condensation from the bottle.

Pros: Lead crystal is surprisingly sturdy.

Cons: You’ll need to fork out for it. One wine coaster is the same price as four regular coasters on this list.

Waterford Crystal Wine Bottle Coaster

Courtesy of Amazon  Amazon

Waterford Crystal Wine Bottle Coaster: $89.99

4. Cork & Mill Marble Coasters

Marble and brass: it’s a winning combination, particularly in coaster form. These 4-inch stone coasters are elegant yet practical. Crafted from genuine solid marble, the coaster is mildly absorbent and can take in a decent amount of condensation. The soft backing ensures there will be no scratches left on your bar, while the heavy marble ensures the coaster will not stick to the bottom of your glass. Unlike faux rip-offs, these tough-as-nails coasters are built to last.

Pros: Great value; you get six coasters for $30.

Cons: Only mildly absorbent.

Cork and Mill Marble Coaster

Courtesy of Amazon  Amazon


Cork & Mill Marble Coasters: $26.99

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