The Best Coat Stands to Hold Your Blazers, Jackets and Hats

This classic piece of furniture is both practical and classy.

Roundhill Vassen Coat Rack Courtesy of Amazon

Without overstating its importance, a coat stand is a clear marker that you’ve made it; that you own the kind of clothing that’s worthy of displaying. Tossing your Brunello blazer over a chair is no longer an option, nor is hiding the top half of your hand-made Kiton suit in a closet. No, a gentleman needs a dedicated clotheshorse to display his coveted garb. After all, a good coat is an investment and deserves to be treated as such.

Of course, there are as many stands as there are bespoke coats. But the best versions have a small footprint to avoid hogging space in your home, along with a multi-tiered design that allows you to hang numerous coats, hats, bags or even umbrellas. Coat stands come in an array of different materials, from brushed steel to walnut wood, so you can pick one that complements your abode (and clothes). Here, four of the best coat stands on Amazon to fit any decor.

1. Displays2go 8-Hook Coat Rack

Measuring 73 inches long, this chic contemporary coat stand features eight curved hooks to hold up to 88 lbs of your clothing and accessories. Fashioned from brushed stainless steel, its both sleek and sturdy. The stand features a weighted base but is still only 13 lbs, so it’s easy enough to move around. While the stand itself offers plenty of storage, it has a relatively small footprint and won’t take up a lot of space in your home.

Pros: The smart curved design will keep your garb from sliding off the stand.

Cons: Its silver color may not suit every home.

Displays2go Coat Rack

Courtesy of Amazon

Displays2go 8-Hook Coat Rack: $118.99

2. Roundhill Furniture Vassen Coat Rack

Designed for the hoarders among us, this durable wooden coat stand boasts eight metal hooks for jackets, hats and scarves, along with three accompanying storage shelves for books, tchotchkes and shoes. This version is finished in white paint, which allows it to fit in with most homes, but you can also pick up the stand in espresso or walnut. It spans 72 inches in total and makes a statement in any area of the home.

Pros: You can pick which color best suits your abode. And it’s as attractive as a book case.

Cons: At 21 lbs, it’s the heaviest rack on this list and could be more difficult to move around.

 Roundhill Vassen Coat Rack

Courtesy of Amazon

Roundhill Furniture Vassen Coat Rack: $81.19

3. Kira Home Addison Metal Coat Rack

This svelte steel coat rack exudes elegance. It has six hooks capable of holding up to 10 lbs each and a round weighted base that will prevent the stand from tipping over once loaded up. It measures 69 inches and is one of the smaller models on this list. This makes the rack ideal for homes with low ceilings or less space. On top of that, its simplicity means it won’t steal the spotlight from your clothes.

Pros: The stand also comes in oiled bronze.

Cons: It has the fewest coat hooks on this list.

Kira Home Addison Metal Coat Rack

Courtesy of Amazon

Kira Home Addison Metal Coat Rack: $74.99

4. Umbra Flapper Coat Rack

Created by talented Canadian designer Alan Wisniewski, this compact coat rack is all about saving space. The ingenious design features nine collapsable aluminum hooks which can be pushed back into the pole when not in use. Fashioned from luxurious walnut wood, it brings a little of the outdoors indoors. Meanwhile, The 22.5-inch metal base ensures that Flapper remains upright even when fully loaded with coats and accessories.

Pros: The flip-down hooks are great in small condos or apartments.

Cons: It’s at the more expensive end of the spectrum.

 Umbra Flapper Coat Rack

Courtesy of Amazon

Umbra Flapper Coat Rack: $120.94

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