The Best Cocktail Muddlers for Your Home Bar

Muddle your way to cocktail perfection with one of these four top-notch bar tools.

Bamboo Mojito Muddler Courtesy of Amazon

If you’ve ever seen a bartender pounding lime and mint to a pulp to make a mojito, chances are they were using a muddler. This nifty bar tool is designed to mash up or muddle the ingredients used for cocktails.

Beyond that zesty rum-based cocktail, a muddler is used to make such classics as a mint julep, an old fashioned, a caipirinha and a caipiroska. Of course, once you have a trusty muddler of your own, you can incorporate all manner of fresh fruits, herbs and spices into your drinks.

Muddlers come in a variety of different finishes, including wood, stainless steel and even silicone, so you can pick a design that suits your bar. But, folks, size does matter. You want a muddler with enough length to reach to the bottom of a tumbler, cocktail shaker or mixing pitcher. Here, we’ve curated four great versions available on Amazon to get you muddling in no time.

1. A Bar Above Black Cocktail Muddler

Founded by a group of bartenders, A Bar Above designs high-quality barware to make crafting cocktails a little more pleasurable. This extra-long 12-inch muddler is crafted from durable plastic, which makes it a cinch to clean. It’s also fitted with a flat end designed to get the most flavor out of fruits and herbs. The ergonomic shape is designed to reduce the strain on your hands, which is especially helpful if you’re making drinks for a large group of people. That’s worth raising a glass to.

A Bar Above Muddler


A Bar Above Black Cocktail Muddler: $15.99

2. Bamboo Mojito Muddler

Wood muddlers have been used in bars since the very first cocktails were mixed, and they are by far the most popular pick. This particular muddler is crafted from 100-percent bamboo—a fast-growing alternative to traditional timber—so it’s both sustainable and stylish. Bamboo is also tougher and more moisture-resistant than most other woods, which means this model will stand the test of time. The 8.5-inch muddler also has a comfortable round handle that allows you to smash to your heart’s content.

Bamboo Mojito Muddler


Bamboo Mojito Muddler: $11.68

3. Hiware Stainless Steel Muddler Set

Stainless steel muddlers are all the rage right now as they’re dead simple to clean. Unlike their wooden counterparts, you can just pop this baby in the dishwasher and get rid of any bacteria. Spanning an impressive 10 inches in length, this modern muddler can reach the bottom of even the tallest glass and has a gridded rubber head to really mash up those ingredients. It can even crush ice.

Hiware Stainless Steel Muddler

Courtesy of Amazon  Amazon

Hiware Stainless Steel Muddler Set: $7.99

4. Acacia Cocktail Muddler

Designed in Seattle, this muddler is handcrafted from beech hardwood and will appeal to imbibers who appreciate the finer things. Its wide crushing base can tackle the everyday tasks, like the gentle muddling of herbs and fruits, as well as the heavy-duty jobs like cracking ice. Best of all, you get a matching burlap pouch to store it in.

Acacia Cocktail Muddler

Courtesy of Amazon  Amazon

Acacia Cocktail Muddler: $10.99

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